HSF2 matchup question

Just went to FFA today and played HSF2 in the arcade for the first time, I did pretty well and got some good competition. When I lost it was close, until I ran into CE Bison.

I use HF Ryu, CE Guile and Sim, ST Fei Long and Dee Jay mostly, but I’ve never had serious competition to play with. So how do I beat CE Bison with the characters listed above and of the above who should I drop (Leaning towards Fei and Dee Jay)? Thanks a lot.

Um, any other suggestions besides using the WW chars? I want to win legit.

ummm winning with ww characters is legit, CE bison is the best in the game. you just have to get some momentum against him. chars like shotos and guiles do well cuz of dp’s and flash kicks to beat psycho crushers, but st sim is great if you can get the momentum in your favor, silly slide cheese and zoning does well. ST balrog as well

Aren’t WW characters banned from tourney play because they’re overpowered? Also, do you have any tips or threads about ST Boxer? I’ve grown a lot of interest in him when I heard an ST Boxer won evo west (?) and he looks pretty dominant. Thanks.

st sim. Like someone already said. If you get momentum going and rush down Bison when you get the chance and thats gg. Other then that, any shoto can beat him with ease.

WW characters are banned in some tournies because you and your opponent both can’t be the same ww character.


Ce-bison is boring . He would have even been GOD TIER if his psycho crusher was totally arcade perfect :rofl: . He is only top tier ^^.
Anyway CE-shoto/sagat can be very dangerous vs bison , so experience .
Also if you could play cheap , take Akuma :wgrin: