[HSFA] Sagat's best ISM/Groove?

I’ve tended to stick to A1 Sagat, but I’m wondering what everyone else thinks.

from what it seems A1 groove is more powerfull than A2 and A3 grooves for all characters (more damage, faster moves, etc…)

I remember reading somewhere that CE-ISM was the strongest for most characters, but I’m not sure.

CE sagat is the best, but i don’t think CE-ism would be allowed in any HSFA tourneys (on account of it being ridiculous)

Is it really that good? What is it about it?

CE-ISM was banned at EVO I believe, but all your attacks basically do a ridiculous amount of damage and you can do old CPS1 style chains and whatnot.
A person on CE can literally kill you in about 4 hits, and Sagat has a 3 hit dizzy combo that essentially means the round is over.

mayB a1 if u vsing a3 type character… but if vs a1/a2 etc perhaps a diff one.

Vs a3 all of a1 sagat juggles get easier and more likeable, and he gets new ones. But when he vs a1 himself, he is still sagat from a1, so he has some stuff but he can not abuse his priorty and his juggles as easily vs them.

So perhaps a2/or a3 type probably better vs a1 since more stuff to work with, since the other thing really isnt as biug factor. so havuing something like CC etc.

I’m no Sagat expert, but I know some differences.


  • has the big damage supers (lvl3 fireball is crazy)
  • has the best tiger knee, can link super off it anywhere, uppercut near the corner
  • combo into knee/lvl1raid into uppercut near the corner does 40%-50% damage
  • can super after throw in the corner for a bit of extra damage
  • can chain into special/super
  • faster s.jab?
  • jump strong does a LOT of stun


  • less damage on supers but still good (they nerfed lvl3 fireball :sad:)
  • has the same juggles as A1, but less damage?
  • the tiger knee SUCKS compared to A1. Rarely knocks down and usually leaves you next to the opponent at a disadvantage.
  • can also throw into super like A1
  • can’t chain into special (but you can link low shorts into special/super instead)
  • can’t cancel low forward, only super-cancel
  • Has one the best Custom Combos in the game. Breaking a guard meter with lvl1 CC -> mash low fierce is too funny.


  • has better low fierce and different stand fierce
  • loses all previous juggles (but gains A3 nuetral state rule juggles)
  • supers suck in comparison
  • gains two hit stand short
  • stand forward no longer hits crouchers
  • shortened range on low forward?
  • has air throw
  • tiger knee is just a knockdown move, no juggling
  • throw now has startup but bigger range

X-ism and A-ism are crap. I don’t see benefit of picking Darkstalkers-ism…? Parry is parry… who knows?

I don’t think CE-sagat is a “good” character really. It’s just his crazy fucking damage+stun.

Overall, A1 is BUFF, but basic… A2 is toned down from A1, but you get his great CC. A3 is good against A3 (because V-Sagat is good in A3) and his VC works against A1/A2. He has an infinite setup against them as well, but I don’t know how reliable that is…?

I’d put my money on A2 being best overall maybe? CC is too good :lol:

just 2say, acctualy a2sagat combos off tiger knee 2 shoryuken easuier. of course it not matter much if say vs a3 type but vs other type it dioes. and i dun think a2 sagat could raid super to shoryuken juggle art least that i recall.

how do I do this and can this be done in the real A2?

^ real A2? no idea. I doubt it though.

Just do lvl1 tiger genocide after he lets them go, and before they hit the ground. Decent damage, and gives you good time to react unlike other hold juggles.

dialupsucky raid into uppercut works for me… I dunno? His knee might allow easier juggles, i dunno, but it’s fucking nerfed to hell. Against the characters it works against it’s great, but otherwise it fucking blows. I’m not sure, but I think they can CC you for free when it connects?

v-sagat thead.

i want learn v-sagat.
i know juggles and reset infinite set up…but y have a hard time for understand this normal moves.
any help

two words : low fierce

i know this.
i want more especific shit…like for example c.mp beat this and this move …tiger knee is good vs some type of moves…etc
1-what normals are good for anti air?
2-what normals are good in air vs ground?
3-any tech hit stuff??

Standing HK and HP are great anti-air normals with their long reach. Standing HP can be useful as a preemptive anti-air, and can be safe because you whiff it from a distance.

Jumping HK must be his best air-to-ground attack. Jumping LK and MK seem to have little priority, but I’m not sure.

Tech hit stuff? Not sure what you mean. Close standing HP can be useful if you’re right under an opponent who tech-recovers in the air. Or jumping HP, MP, LP…

I don’t think Sagat has any good crouching punch anti-airs.

Sorry I can’t be of any real help.

His dp’s piss me off, they are so rubbish compared to the shoto’s.

  1. Depending on distance, s. RH, b. FP, c. FP, s. LP, s. MP – back FP and s. LP are the easiest way to set-up CC juggles from the ground.
  2. Jump RH, LK – should be pretty obvious. All his other jump-ins are almost completely horizontal or even arc upwards.
  3. No idea what you mean by this. You can punish techs with air throw, jump FP, jump LP x CC MP, jump MP x CC x s. RH, jump MP x CC jump RH, etc. It really depends on whether you get a counter-hit on the first jump, how close they are to the corner, how early your AA was, etc. You can finish with a TU if you’re near the corner.

Seriously though, just whore the hell out of c. FP. It beats the hell out of just about every other poke in the game. Most of his normals are pretty good all around.
FP tiger uppercut is very useful as a late anti-air because it’ll blow right through the invincibility frames on jump-in activations or usually, at worst, trade.

How good of an AA is cr.hp and when should I use it?

Stand hp is cool if you are going to then cancel a fierce tiger blow with it.

Uses A2 due to the CC damage potential… and also AC’s for back up.