HSFA3 for Evo2k8

I was expecting HSFA3 to be at evo this year with the release of SFAA last year, but obviously I was wrong in my assumptions. I just want to know if anybody would want to relive those old alpha days at evo once again. Of course I wasn’t around for those alpha days considering I’m only 15, but I’m growing more interested into the game and would like to see more high level play of it. Any thoughts?

It sucks?

Screw Hyper SFA3. Up with Double Upper!

What makes you think it sucks? And do you live in Fayetteville? I’m trying to get some extra comp at FFF for tomorrow.

Back on topic, I would like some more serious responses.

“HSFA3” is not a game. :confused: Are you talking about HSFA or SFA3? If it’s HSFA, nobody plays that shit because it sucks. If it’s SFA3, refer to the dozens of threads we’ve had previously on why SFA3 isn’t in Evo any more. Nothing has changed.

He prolly means Hyper Alpha.

But either one applies. A3UU is teh pwnz. At least…it’s the best version of Alpha…IMHO. Which I admit is prolly wrong…

HSFA and SFA3 both suck

I still play Alpha 3 Upper (the version with the console characters) on SFAA.

It’ll be fun to see A3U again. Forget waiting for Evo 2k8. How about an Alpha 3 Upper EVO 2k7 unofficial side tourney. Anyone?

I meant Hyper Street Fighter Alpha, didn’t mean to tack on the 3 but thats my fault. How about somebody host a small side tourney at evo world like strider2k2 suggested? Wasn’t there small HSFA tourney at the end of evo2k6, when everyone was leaving?

They could just get rid of SSBM. A3UU is one of the many games more deserving of an Evo spot.

Were talking bout the hidden game that comes in SFAA? Yeah sucks.

And no I live in Rocky Mount dawg.

It’s all good. And would anybody be interested in plain old SFA3? Since apparently everyone hates HSFA.

SSBM has long deserved a spot at a major tourney. Can’t we simply add A3UU without taking out another game?

of course. people play more than the “featured” games at evo

I know that, I’m just seeing if anyone would actually want an official tourney for it at evo.

No…not really. They have their own little functions where they giggle and compliment eachothers hair. And when you consider how Alpha, Garou, KOF2k2 or Neowave, SamSho, Dead or Alive, NGBC, KOFXI, Hokuto No Ken, etc, etc that aren’t there…I think that SSBM would be generally omittable in favor of a fighting game.

I don’t feel like wasting my time arguing against people like you(i.e. people who still have hate towards SSBM). But this is about SFA not SSBM so lets get back on topic.

cornertrap basically someone had a hsfa side thing last year and apparently no one liked it

i forgot who did it but ask him why.

I still want to know if anyone would be interested into plain old SFA3.

Jeron hosted it iirc and the reason it sucks is because among other things it is glitchy as hell and there are too many completely broken ass characters.