HSFA3 for Evo2k8

Fuck SFA3, bring back SFA1.

yeah jeron hosted it

a1 ken owned everything for free

jeron held the hsfa tourney at evo last year. we had a lot of players. like 30 or so, and all the big wigs from all the alpha heydays (watts, valle, cole, etc…). i think over half the players, including myself, didnt bother finishing the tourney.

the game is crap. pure crap. the alpha games are so radically different from eachother that they cant co exist in the same game. alpha 3 characters play nothing like a3 characters unless you play against another a3 character. whether or not they can still be playable, is not the argument. its the fact that they arent a3 characters no more. a3 is so insanely different, game engine wise, when compared to a1 and a2, it just does not work. its not like anniversary edition where all the sf2 versions are just tweaks. all those games are able to exist in one game together (even tho they still fucked up in some areas). where a3 is so freaking different from a1 and a2. and the fact that when you pick a3, you are actually selecting the a3 upper versions of the characters instead of the original a3 versions, nerfing a3 further into obscurity!

also the abundance of gameplay bugs and terrible inconsistencies, that hella occured during the tourney at evo that caused matches to stop dead in their tracks cuz of the suprise and dismay from the players.

only modes worth using is CE and A1 modes, and a2 kinda (even tho cc’s dont work right at all)

bad bad game. it doesnt work. its a nice fan service tho.

As I said before, how about just plain old SFA3?

a3 is dead, it had its time, it was around for years on the tourney circuit, but it fizzled out. its not gonna make its way back. you are beating a dead horse here heh. and the level that a3 went to in japan, and a certain couple of us in america, took the game to its breaking limits and it got really dumb. still ended up being the most fun sf game IMO, took a few years til it really broke. some people still play. side tourneys are still very doable with decent numbers. but it will never be a major again

I guess you’re right :sad: I’ll never be able to see top level play in SFA3 except for 5 year old vids.

theres stil lvids coming out of japan, thats where the game still gets played. japan is lightyears ahead of us. but its not huge there anymore either. but you stil lget vids from there

Thanks, and I’m getting the feeling that CvS2 is going the way of SFA3, am I right?

As said before, it sucks. It’s fun for casuals, but for money on the line? Nah. Not worth it.

If you’re going to EVO, I’ll play you.


I don’t think so, we still have the good players on both sides playing it.

a3 died because people woke up and realised v-ism is gay

mash shit for the win

I always kinda thought CvS2 replaced A3. More characters, more grooves, etc.
No doubt if CFJ was handled about 1000 times better, like having a massive roster of capcom characters with new sprites and selectable capcom grooves (st, 3s, a3, DS, warzard and maybe an early marvel game groove; cota or msh) that could of possibly replaced CvS2.

yeah i would love to see you mash a VC successfully…


hyper alpha doesnt suck, people dont even know anything about the game so they say it sucks, and say things that arent even true. Which is why every complaint about th egame isnt even vaild half the time cuz its something like a1 does the most damage when if you even take 5 seconds to look its obvious that a3 acctualy does more damage per hit among other things. People just want to bitch cuz they have nothing better to do.

lol it was only a matter of time before Final Showdown came in to defend the game!:rofl:
Well from beginning to end as I ran that tourny I saw the most wackiest shit ever from ridiculous dizzies to unsafe grabbing. Appearantly in this game if a a2 character grabs another a2 or a1 character and they tech, the character that tried to grab gets punished for it because before they recover in time for the tech, they can get fierced, or RH or whatever before they even land from the recovery of the tech throw. I saw this countless times and all I can do when i was watching/playing this was Rolling on the floor copter!:rofl: :rofl:
Casually if you wanna fuck around have a little fun with it I guess Hyper Alpha is ok but in no way is this tourny worthy. Nice concept went bad…oh well they tried I guess…hahaha


Edit: Corner-Trap: If you wanna read some of the comments on the game from participants, spectators etc. check here

Its different for every character. Or every throw… Some throws even when teched the thrower gets the advantage and or free hit, and other throws, its the opposite the techer gets a free hit or the advantage.

Its not all the same. And yea im going to defend it. Its one thing if you guys want to bitch about the game, but its pretty obvious that most people havent even put 5 mins into it to see all the new stuff etc and see one thing and assume it works everyone. And this throw thing is a example. Its not the same thing for every throw. All throws work diff now. So yea bitching is one thing but bitching about the game and makeing up basicly lies about it is another. All this bs about a3 characters arent usuable is ridiculous when they have more advantages then every other character in the game. And of course a3 is so toned down, which of course if you acctualy played the game youd see all the characters were toned down more or less not just a3.

well you know, this game is called hyper alpha, where i can choose what version i want to play. i like my alpha3, a3 mode isnt even a half assed a3. theres no flipouts, that alone, that mode shouldnt even be called a3.

you can assume i put 5 whole minutes into the game, as well as anyone else. but you know, we spit out all the things wrong, yet i havent read anything from you that makes it sound good.

its your opinion and i respect it. but dont think that just because someone doesnt like your game, that they havent spent time with the game.

so you are saying a3 normal damage output is higher than a1,a2, and CE? uhm. last time i checked, those modes did way more damage per hit than a3. and also, i also remember damage combos being much easier in a1,a2. while a3’s effective damage situations, mixups, setups, are all completely removed cuz of no flipouts. yet, a1, and a2 get to stay mostly intact. even a2 gots fucked over a little too with the CC bug where juggles will miss in the corner or whatever. i havent played that game in months but i do know about, and its happened so many times where my attack falls thru on a successful valle cc. i know im not the only one that had that problem, i think people posted vids of this shit too.

lets just say the game is decent when its just a1,a2, and CE(if you want to consider ce playable). ill give it that. but a3 is so out of the question. a3 does not fit in the equation

i dunno, watching watson man handle everyone with alpha 1 even against other alpha pros kinda raises up a flag. it was consistent ass kickings, and we didnt even bust out CE. i didnt get back into sf, til alpha3. i got extremely good at the game. i never competitively played a1 or a2, yet my a3 shit was horribly losing, yet my a1 and a2 characters, were doing so much better?

bottom line its opinion. back on track. do a side tourney, im all for it. but no one is gonna put the game as a major. why? cuz it cant be taken seriously. great for fun, serious? no

/me still laughing when i blocked arturo’s a3 sim’s slide high, and also going thru eachother

One thing I never understood is how people can complain about broken stuff in other games but then go back and play Marvel :rolleyes: Don’t get me wrong, Marvel is my main game, but I find all this whining about glitches and inconsistencies to be plain stupid. If we can play something as unbalanced and glitchy as Marvel then I say HSFA is nothing but fair play. Nothing y’all have said makes me believe that HSFA isn’t worthy of tourney level play. It almost feels as if people are just calling the game trash, because a select few people decided to say it was garbage. The game has been out for less than a year, so I highly doubt that all of the little nuance’s of the game have even be discovered yet. I say that we should explore the depth of the game in more detail before deciding if it’s worthy of tourney play at all.

Acctualy a lot of the stuff has been found, but its just obvious no one has botherd to read it… Alot of the new gameplay stuff, characters changes(well mostly to a1), new bugs/infinites whatever I posted about in that hyper alpha section ways back shrug.

As for SaBrE comment obviously yea 5 mins was exageration but again its obvious you didnt look deep enough, cuz go check the damage and compare and a3 does the most damage in the game. A1 specials and supers do a lot, but when you go by hit by hit a3 does more damage. And does waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more damage then a2. Of course it doesnt do more then CE but a1, and a2, a3 does do more shrug. Also a3 characters can tech a1, and a2 moves. Again thats just some misconception, not all moves are techable anymore thats all shrug. And a3 gets a lot of stuff vs a1, a2 that no one else can. There the only thing that can punish tech rolls and they even have a infinte vs it that only they can do. THere roll falling thing is also invincable to all a1, and a2 attacks. Again people just didnt look deep enough into the game to lazy to type all the new crap so ill just stop there.

Oh and as for the blocking low attacks “high” you can do that in the orginal a3 to my knowledge ive seen the japanese do it quite a bit. I assume its just fuzzy gaurdingish crap makeinging it look like that. Unless thats not what there doing or not what you ment. Cuz even in parry whatever in this game you can parry standing moves parrying down and low moves by parrying up when you similar stuff shrug.

yawn still no posts can I assume people acctualy botherd to go to training mode and saw that a3 does the most damage per hit, and that they can tech a1 and a2 moves just as I said. Oh well dont say I told you so… .yawn…