HSFZ Tiers?

So who’s top now? Anyone have the tiers already in their mind for the game?

I’m thinking Green Fei, Blue Ryu, Green Sak, Blue Ken are all going to be high tier but who knows… I’m curious what people think before the big event in Vegas…if for nothing else than so we can look back on this and laugh in a few months. And with tournaments banning CE-ism, Shin Bison, Shin Akuma and 90% throw glitch characters they don?t count?

I just dont see why Shin Bison should be banned. Granted, he has a really good super, but other than that, there really isnt anything that special about him. Well, he can link 2 crouching strongs, but that is about it…

Jump fierce, cr strongx2, Shin Psycho Crusher==lotso f life gone:)

Jump in RH, Standing strong cancel to qcf-rh cancel to super with Blue-ism Rose, 75-80% dmg depending on the size of the opponent. :looney:

A1 ken will own for free…the game will still be broken.

Why is A1 ken so good?

I know his lk-mk-hk-lp roll is good but nothing else.

Red ism Evil Ryu is a monster with his air hadouken plus he gets the dive kick. Also blue ken is sick and makes good use of super canceling

There’s a dipswitch to turn off the 90% throw bug, IIRC.

ce sagat is dumb.

CE Sagat is #1 period!

Uh it says no CE in the OP

100% truth, CE Sagat is god of HSFA.

A1 ken has pretty silly hitboxes and easy combos. Hurricane kick hits from both sides, so you can start a combo with a crossup 2hit air hurricane into whatever. LK Hurricane crossover wakeup shennanigans. Not hard at all to keep advantage up close.

And any OG Sagat needs to be looking over his shoulder for Guile.

Well im not gonna see for the whole game but just for the alpha 1 characters in this game id say for now a very rough tier list would be something like…

charlie(auto mode only)

Next Tier…

Next Tier again…
starts to get really iffy here id say as a lot of characters probably arent seperated by much… Cuz after those 6 you have a lot of randomness… Adon and bison both benifit from starting off with super now a lot, since they never really had good punishing combos with out super anyway. So now they acctualy have stuff to punish the opponent fucking up with. Dan is dan. Its pretty obvious as to why hes so average in this game now. If all of Sagats stuff worked as easy as it did on A3 type characters id say hed probably be the best of this bunch. But alas it doesnt. Rose really didnt seem to get anything besides random throw to super now combos vs random characters now. Other then that shes just a realy toned down rose. I dunno again im really iffy on all these characters cuz well there all pretty decent for where they in here…

Boy I hate to say it, but I think it might be birdie… He doesnt seem to have gained anything other then the fact he now takes better damage and is harder to dizzy. But now you can tech his throws and shit and I dont really think that outweights what he gained…

Again very rough estimate in what ive noticed so far in the little ive played. Charlie would deffintly be in the low middle, but auto mode charlie is retarded in this game, he becomes like 10X better. Auto mode+plus the “new” system for the A1 characters, he just to easily abuses it

Shadaloo Shin bison should not be banned ? then give better arguments please …
He’s got Very strong combo with Psycho crusher .
One error , and you die .
HP , d +HP , j + HP is ULTRA CHEAP .

Very true ,and also very good analysis of the situation in which are alpha char.
I would just like you to tell me why Guy isn’t a powerhouse anymore .
He lost something , or the new system benefits to other characters but him ?

Guy is still good I think, but with the added recovery to his moves etc etc its harder for him to keep on the guy. And I think guy has problems when the opponent doesnt let guy play “his” game.(I guess you could say that for any character but whatever)

Say example in this game now guys run over head is waaaaaaaay toned down, its punishable even after hitting the opponent, also instead of doing a shit load of dizzy in the other game(say if only useing it as a over head it did 10 points of dizzy alone)when you use it as a random overhead. Now it only does ONE point of dizzy, does like one point of damage, and is VERY unsafe. As I said even on HIT your punishable. So guy basicly loses this mix up. In the orginal alpha the overhead was basicly safe from everything but a reveral of a very fast move, or if you blocked it standing and he was super close to you, and you had a very fast move. Now guy loses this…

Bushin flip stuff isnt as good anymore. Guy use to have the obvious gimmicks of stand foward to bushin flip, duck fierce to bushin flip, just bushin flip whatever. Now not that these things dont work anymore cuz they do, but now that you can duck the throw in this game, you can easily just counter it with ducking and mashing on duck fierce or whatever. Its beats the elbow of the bushin flip, and the throw waaaaaay to easily. Also the elbow now puts you at less of advantage as well then it did in the orginal alpha.

So guy cant abuse this as much to get in on the guy anymore ethier…

Also guy does less dizzy overall. Not that guy doesnt dizzy like a mother fucker by any means. Cuz certainly one combo, to over head f+mp mix up etc and your dizzy. But fact is a lot of characters dizzy like that. Ryu duck kX3, red fireball does HUGE dizzy for what it is. You only need a couple of these to dizzy. So its not like guy is the only one dizzying for nothing anymore. And guys dizzy type stuff is waaaaay more missable(not that its nescarly hard mind you of course), then ryu cross up, duck lkX3, red fireball dizzyish type stuff.

LK Hurricane kick also doesnt seem as abusable to me… But maybe its not so much guy has less invincablity on it now, maybe other characters are just better.

Now of course guy does get some new juggles in this game and stuff which help. But I dunno, when the other guy is turtleing vs guy more and not giving into his rush down(which again is less abusable since a lot of it is more punishable… say slide seems more punishable to me as well now)its harder for him I think. Plus he doesnt dizzy as fast so that makes it a bit harder.(again im compareing him to how fast ryu dizzys so maybe thats not fair shrug… lol)

Blah just some random thoughts on him I guess…

Plus I think the characters above guy, all got more for what they lost then guy did. Sodom lost his stand roundhouse unblockable BS, but n ow they basicly turned him into a slayer type character. 2 combos he kills you. Plus you cant tech his SPD unlike other characters. And lp SPD range is pretty ludicrous, at max range theres not much you can do since sodom grabs farther then his body acctualy is. So say opponent tries to shoryuken you, while it just wiffs and then you get a free combo on them. While if they didnt shoryuken you well yea you grab them. The range on the move is litteraly a thrid of the screen at least. Its retarded. And now the fact that TWO spds with him kill you hes really brain dead. Plus now he has really damageing chain combo to super etc.

Ryu is ryu. He didnt lose to much. And hop kick is insane in alpha 1. Espeicaly with the long alpha 1 throw range, hop kick tick throw mix up etc etc stuff is stupid, and now you can combo off his throw for like almost 40% life with a level 1 super. And of course he dizzys hella fast with random attacks to red fireball. And now with the new mind games with hurricane kick sucking in even on cross up, so random empty jumps then etc etc to duck kX3 fireball. Ryus super powerfull now as well.

And charlie in auto mode is dum. Now that you can combo off of throws its pretty brain dead. Blah walk foward you attack I automaticly block cuz im in auto mode, you dont attack I throw you, to super since I dont have to charge anymore. For big damage off of nothing. Plus now that in this game you gain meter with jabs, if charlie ever needs meter just wiff jabs while sonic booming etc, and flash kick as anti air and in a few seconds you have full meter. And even if you somehow messed up flash kick and you got overheaded or something what does it matter, since in auto mode you block overheads while blocking low.

And of coruse akuma and ken are probably obvious…

So yea I think for guy I dunno other characters are just kinda better then him now. When characters turtle against guy I think he has a waaaaay harder time now, since a lot of his mix up is easily counterd, even if it hits now. Like I said again not liek guy didnt gain new juggles etc, and not like there wont be rounds where your just dizzy the whole time… But I think other characters are just more solid then him now…

Theres my rough opionon for now I guess… Theres more but I think you get the jist…

[quote=“streetfighter lord, post:6, topic:17692”]

Red ism Evil Ryu is a monster with his air hadouken plus he gets the dive kick./QUOTE]

Why dont you just play as Akuma? he has an air fireball/dive kick and why sacrifce the range for a larger hadouken? and evil Ryu isnt as good as normal Ryu anyway.

Not exactly surewhat you mean by that ULTRA CHEAP combo…

Ok, Ill get more detailed about Shin Bison:
–other than his cr strongs being faster, his normals are the same as regular Bison. The flames on his fierces are just for flash–they dont seem to have any more priority or damage than regualr Bison’s fierces
–His most painful combo is jump fierce->cr strongX2->super Psycho Crusher, which does like 85% of opponent’s life. Of course, good luck landing a jump in with Bison. The rest of his combos are the same as regualr Bisons
–Yeah, his super does a lot of damage, but so do a lot of V combos, as well as Cody’s Final Destruction (I think it does more damage than a Lv3 Ken Shoryureppa or a Final Atomic Buster). I just dont see his super as broken as it is made out to be. If you dont block, you get nailed. Same applies for all other supers or V combos.

Honestly, I just see him as a better Bison, but definitely not broken. The super comes out really fast, but then so do things like Sonic Hurricane, Shinkuu Hadoken, etc, where if you werent blocking before the screen went dark, you are the super.

He definitely isnt as broken as Shin Gouki, though. All of S.G.'s moves are better–fireball, SRK, and hurricane have no recovery time, and his double air fireball is plain broken (try getting to him with someone like Zangief–you cant).

Not sure about Shin.bison : I tested its priorities , and it seems that stand HP is a buffed version of basic version .
Also , this is the most damaging super in the game ,and connecting it with a crouch strong is plain easy . ALso against jump in = 70% damage .
He is not as strong as shin gouki , but he is still second to him , having a super totally lethal and good guard crusher as well .
Also , Shadaloo ism (named X ) refills faster , so it’s another improvement .
Also damage of regular moves are better in shadaloo ism .
Here are my 2 cents :wink:

Shin Bison goes like this:

Counter hit/anti-air ->Super of Death

next 60-70 seconds consist of teleport/meter build and run away

Counter hit/anti-air ->Super of Death

next 60-70 seconds consist of teleport/meter build and run away