HSS-0130 for sale on eBay


Almost grabbed it myself, but read the description for shipping details first!



Dammit! Just when I don’t have the money for it, having spent it on arcade parts.


nice i may put mine on ebay eventually


ebay?! don’t do THAT! :stuck_out_tongue:


lol ill give it a week or 2 more then i may go that route too add to my 394 stars lol

may put it with 2 cubejoyboxs, 2 inpins, 2 360 joytrons, 2 fight pads, and 2 dc ems lol they can play every dam thing lol


Do you think this seller is reliable? i might grab it and mod it for my main stick


I think its a repost. The shipping kills it.


I think the shipping will be another 100 lol, but still, that chassis is priceless.


just buy 1 from here then


Well if anyone is willing to sell me one? I can pay via paypal.


where u live the us? check ur pms we can talk more there


yeah iirc ibeatu’s has ps pads in it already right? That would be a better way to go, and you help support a SRK member


yep ps1 pads and 2 jlf’s and all sanwa buttons mint in box with all inserts and manuals as well so converter ready :slight_smile: which i have those as well if u need to buy any