HSS-0130 owners, how did you mod for 360/PS3?

Since my attempts at a Vewlix panel have faied I am looking at the HSS-0130 again. How did you guys add buttons for the Newer systems? If you got it stock can you replace the buttons without destroying the stock buttons/PCBs? I’d love to see some picks, I am tryin to maintain the 8 buttons layouts without destroying the stock panel. Thinking about making my own and just getting some Lexan art but I would need the mounts.

My HSS-0130 was my first ever stick and my first mod too, i couldn’t bring myself to cut holes for extra system buttons so I manage without them.

I’ve posted some of these pics elsewhere on the forum but these few show all of the main points…

Panel tab cut off

Sanwa Buttons & Stick

MadCatz PCB’s

Nearly Done…

Nearly Done…


It took a few months before it was done, as it took me ages to find PCB’s and wait for parts to arrive.
I have quite a few sticks now but this will always be my favourite one, unless a Lindbergh cabinets come along that is.

What was that tab you cut off for? I just got my HSS-0130 and am thinking of getting the same kind of panel you have.

The original panel on the hss has its tab in a slightly different place to a “real” sega panel, and the white casing is keyed for that panel only.

Third party panels from Sanwa and Seimitsu don’t have tabs so theres no problem, but I used a genuine Sega “HOT-2005” plate which is keyed, so the tabs had to be cut off.

Mine’s stock. I use a Saturn to PS2 adapter from Reckless and Keio/Mojochan (and appropriate adapters to 360 and PS3).

Ok I’m wondering what the tab is for. My astro has a repro panel and its actually really nice. I like how they created the mounting panel for the sticks. If you look at it its really hard to distinguish between a real panel.

I might just get a repro panel and send andy a pm to see if he has the new net city overlay since I haven’t found it on his site.

Its main purpose on a real cab is to hold the plate in a bit more securely while putting in the screws, as the whole front section on an astro city would be hinged upright when attaching the panel.

But Sega cleverly used it to make modding a bit trickier by making the 8 button panel a little different from any others.

Good thing is though the original HSS panel is still 100% genuine sega, and of the same quality as the other “HOT-20XX” plates, the only difference is that its a Seimitsu mount instead of the more common Sanwa one Sega usually use.

Also if you are planning on putting a New Net City overlay on a third party panel make sure the plate has the correct layout, sometimes on repo panels the player 2 buttons are arranged a bit differently

did they ever make a 1 player new net city? Anybody got links to where to find panels beside Akihabara, ebay, and Yahoo japan auctions?

The NNC was the only one not to have a 1P version, there was a similar one made for some VF5R cabs but it lacks the silver shinyness…

All of the others like the original orange Net City and Naomi Universal had 1 player layouts though.

As for places to get panels there are 2 places in the UK but i’m not sure if they ship internationally


Thanks guys. I was really looking for this:

But what I think I am going to do is go with the lizardlick 1 player net city and make a reproduction of the capcom panel with mamemarquees.com. The net city layout two holes for start and home.

To get it to work on my 360 I think I am going to go with a RJ-45 Dual mod in the case, but I am not going to drill the Neutrik Jack to the case. I am going to make an out put ethernet cord to go to an external project box.

Did you try shooting TRNG a pm to see if he’s able to locate the panel for you? I actually like that panel better than the NNC panel plus judging from the picture it has the same buttons layout as the Vewlix.

If you still want to have the extra buttons, you could house the PCB’s in small project boxes outside of the casing, then putting the buttons on the project box instead of having to drill holes into the case.


If your interested, there’s a Versus City panel for sale.

I was actually thinking of adding a panel and drilling the new holes in the new panel. You could probably make the metal panel yourself, by some sanwa mounts and have what you wanted.

I’ve always wondered. Does the new net city panels have a reflective mirror like effect. Cus I know that with the astro city panel (that i have) that the art work isnt just a picture. It has reflective like bands and the silver sparkles a bit (gives it a quality feel). I wonder how the new net city panel is, does it have any effect. or is it just a print.

Its shiny but not as shiny as the instruction sheet which is almost a mirror. The black bits are dull like a print so it must start off as a solid silver sheet and get the detail printed on top.
You can see how it shines quite brightly in these fairly dark pictures…

That’s definitely my plan for my HSS project that I’ve been working on for a while now. Still incomplete.

BTW, I love it when any stick that’s Sega related is mentioned, you can count on some of the same members to reply++

best sega stick is the vshg for sure

Ignore what they’ve all said. HSS-0130 is a piece of junk. In fact I’ll gladly take that off your hands and “dispose” of it properly for you.

Now please excuse me while I get me a couple of ChImps and some MadCatz PCBs.