HSS-0130 owners, how did you mod for 360/PS3?

lol =p

Just what I wanted to hear :P. I love that sega always did that little extra for a sense of quality. If I buy one of these panels from www.giz10p.co.uk will it be the same thing with the shiny effect and quality?. It states on there products Manufacturer: Sega.

On a side note, did the instruction sheet fit perfectly? I have to say that your hss-0130 looks wonderful. My new mission is to make mine like yours (sorry for copying XD )

Yep the instruction sheet is a perfect fit, identical size to the 3 saturn ones that come with the stick.

I ordered the panel with overlay, instruction sheet, a 100Yen sticker and 2x 3 button sega wiring looms from Giz10p and it all arrived quickly and had no flaws whatsoever. If you were to order from there you would get the exact same thing as i’ve never seen a unofficial NNC overlay, they must be too difficult to duplicate.

I’ll never know exactly… but I’ll find out when I get my VAG-HG from Voltech…

u should buy a vshg as well they keep there value so u wont loose money on it im also gonna get a voltech one with viewlex layout eventually

Sega by far is the best manufacturer for this type of hardware (arcade sticks). I just got my 0130 in the mail and I’m still shocked at how well the bezel was reproduced. Comparing it to my astro its identical with the exception of the coin slot.

Plus I got two VSHGs since I loved the first one I bought. One is modded and the other is stock. Just like ibeatu said these sticks keep their value since they’re starting to become rare.

This is what I dont get. Ok sega isnt making consoles anymore but wah! Why dont they go full with peripherals and knock madcatz of the map. Sega could make controllers sticks and everything which people will actually buy over the stock consoles pads. Without a compromise on quality of course.

Imagines official saturn pads and HSS-0130s for xbox and ps3

I would probably buy like 10 hss-0130’s and mod them with various panel designs lol.

Yeah this is my issue with buying the HSS-0130, to really get it the way you want it you probably have to mod it. You need to pay though a collectors price on the item though. I am starting to think of just sticking a real arcade panel in a wood box and be done with it.

thats the thing, the hss-0130 most important part is the bezel/chassis. It is unfortunate that it is so rare.

As interesting as that may be, the recently released Play-Sega pads which turned out to be based on knock-offs of their own classic Saturn USB pads but with sub-par quality kinda puts a dent in the above idea.

is not that hard 2 find a hss-0130 u just gotta pay da money it cost for 1 i sold 2 on here meus sold 2 or 3 on here and fuji sold 1 and giga sold 2 to meus i believe

Well thats sega just being lazy. but of course if they went into the market they would up the quality again.

I still can’t work out why they never released the High Grade for xbox 360 as well, The Xbox version of VF5 had more features than the PS3 and online play.
They could have sold loads of the sticks. or bundled the game with it or something.

Or maybe they will release a new stick if VF5 Final Showdown gets released on consoles, but i doubt it.

What i heard is that microsoft has a limit on how many 3rd party hardware developers can have license to the 360 handshake protocol at one time. Since Sega make things only in a blue moon I guess they Don’t have the opportunity to have there own sticks available for the 360. This may be why they maybe hinted Hori to make the 360 twin stick, since Hori has license. I may be completely wrong on this matter.

Yeah, but the PC USB Sega SLS pads feel identical enough to me. If they would make them the same quality as those, the original saturn and the PS2 saturn ones it would be gravy. I only wish there was an Xbox 360 with the Guide and Back added so I could dual mod it with a SMD Dual Strike. The USB ones off ebay lack a Home button.

Sega, like Bandai (for many of its American product releases), it seems is in the market for making limited editions of controllers.

Remember, Sega burned itself on its last two consoles (Saturn and Dreamcast).

They don’t want to produce a million+ controllers that will sit in warehouses for years! The company is trying to stay in business and are producing controllers primarily for the Japanese market.

The other thing, is that many of the controllers people say they wanted all along (Saturn HSS-0130, PS2 Saturn pads) were available for months at import shops. Human nature is thinking that just because something is available up to six months after initial release that it will be available forever.

Uh-uh. Not how it works, unfortunately…

(You’ve got to earn the money to pay for and buy things while they’re new. 10 years later and after a game renaissance you may be paying up to 4X what something originally sold for new! LOL)

P.S. – Not to say all of Sega’s controllers were perfect, either.

Most of us Saturn owners HATED the revised, clunky American Saturn pads. We were glad when the original Japanese-style pads became available after a long time (18 months?) in American stores!

The original Virtua Stick for Saturn was trash, too. The revised Virtua stick (basically half an HSS-0130) was built much better.

The Saturn pads remain the high-mark of Sega’s mass-market digital controllers IMHO…

I just got my HSS-0130 from ibeatu. The lizardlick.com net city panel came in today as well. Since I wanted select and guide on the stick and since it was a reproduction panel, I figured drilling two holes on the left of the control panel wouldn’t do any harm. I disliked how the stainless steel was buffed around all of the holes for deburring. I have OSBC-RGs and a red meshball on there. Seimitsu 24 mm buttons.

I am going to apply this template to the control panel. I still have to 'shop the moveslist for all of the characters for SSFIV… but I have to find out all the moves and if I can fit it on that card, before I sent it off to mame marquees. I just might send of the for the control panel and get the instruction card printed locally.

To get the template of my stick with the new drilled holes, I taped together 3 pieces of paper to make one long paper. I then placed the panel face down and traced all of the holes on the paper. I traced face down because of the mounting plate. I then removed the tape and stuck each picture in my scanner and stitched it back together and flipped the image around because the trace was a backwards image.

I took out the PS2 pads and transplanted a MCC360 dual mod but plugged the USB jack on the rj-45 and put that in the case for now. Will finish the mod later. I plan to never do anything destructive to the case. My only problem is trying to get the MC Cthulhu to go into firmware flashing mode by holding start and select while plugging in. Nothing a paper weight can’t solve though. See video games taught me something!

Edit: Looking at the buffmarks on the panel they posted on the website, they sent me the exact same panel that they photographed on the webstie.
The scratch marks match identically.

ok so keeping with the 2P theme, I have 2 questions.

  1. Did you guys need to destroy the stock panels to get the sticks/buttons out? I know the PCBs are soldered to the buttons.

  2. What if I bought a Hot-2005 panel and cut the holes for an 8 button layout? http://www.giz10p.co.uk/Cabinet-Parts/Sega-Naomi/Control-Panel-Plate-2L12B-HOT-2005-/prod_121.html

I could move the Start 1 and Start 2 up and add a home and back button for each player. I wish someone sold them blank, like even and egret panel would work better:


It looks like there is more room on the Hot-2005 then on the Astro City panel for more buttons. Can you add semitsu sticks to the Net City Panel?

All of this will require my own artwork inless the Net City overlay will allow room for that button. Let me do some mockups and Post them.