HSS-0136 mod question

Hi, planning on modding my 136 for full seimitsu and was wondering where I could get replacement art. Would love for it to be the stock art but if I could customize my own that would be fine as well I guess.

As for wiring the buttons I can just daisy chain the grounds to the pcb cant I?
Also on the joystick I was reading about common grounds, could someone point me to the direction where to learn about this?

Lizanias recreated the stock art because he wanted to keep it on his HSS-0136, so ask him for it.

Hope he doesn’t give you this to print.

Because those circles are bigger than 30mm.
They exact as the diameter of Sanwa Buttons.

Yes, you can Daisy-chain.

Yea all the holes on there look way to big. Also why are the holes on there for the mounting screws?

That is what he gave me to print out.

I plan on getting this done at gameongrafix.com so I need the actual size of the artwork on the stick for them to print. So if anyone could make the cutouts a bit smaller and make the art the exact size that it needs to be that would be wonderful.

can you not stick the stock art on top of a scanner after removing the top plate buttons and joystick?