HTML and Banners!


Basically Im starting up a web site for a new clan of mine.
Clan [SiN] Shame in Nothing. I’m a noob when it comes to HTML and artwork. I’ve made a few sites before but they always come off very plain looking. I was wondering if there was anybody in the land of SRK that could possible help me out with this?
I was going to post this is the general section but I thought this would be more appropriate.

If anybody is willing to help me out on a layout or with some banners for the site 500200* is what Im working with for all the banners.

Also, Im going to set up Iknownboards. If anyone has set one up before and is willing to help anything is highly appreciated

Thanks so much guys.



I’ll help out on your site, I’m pretty good.


Here is the HTML i’m working with.

Thanks for the help Ken


Here is my site so far.


bump This is the last bump. I did the site alone i’m just looking for someone to help make a banner or two.

This is what i’m looking for:
Text : Shame in Nothing and/or [SiN]

Min: 400200
Max: 500



I’ll make you the banner but, what do you want on it besides the text? Anything else?



He meant he would steal one for you and just change the text to whatever you wanted.


Re: .

:lol: :lol:

Hey Sephiroth_KMFDM, will you be using just HTML or will you be using like XTML or Java or maybe even PHP? It would really help if you do.



As for the banner. I’m a huge fan of " Voldo, Gambit, Magnus, and Doom"