HTS: How to do air super after D,U+P?



The topic says it all, I’ve read that it can be done, I’ve seen it done in videos, but I simply can not get the damn thing to even come out after the D,U+P (after the third hit, obviously). When do you do the motion, how is it executed?

Please, help the scrub!


U can’t do it in the arcade, dc version, or ps2 version. U can only do it on the xbox and gamecube version in p-groove, since p-groove has the super cancels


:eek: :lol:

That’s hilarious, thank god man I thought I had lost any semblance of skill when I couldn’t get the damn thing to work out.

I still wish I could do that in C or N groove though. :frowning:


i thought you can do it in C


No u can’t do it in c-groove


ah acctualy you can do this… you just have to miss one of the hits of the move(so obviously its easier to do with lp) and then you land and tiger knee the air super… At least thats how i did it.


Aaahhh, so that means i should also be able to tiger knee his qcf+k in the air after the d,u+lp.