Anyone ever ordered from there. I’m thinking about ordering some parts from them but want to make sure I’ll actually get them and that it won’t take forever.

I’ve ordered from them many times. As long as you get something they actually have in stock (ie. Sanwa stuff, not Seimitsu) it comes really fast considering it comes from the UK. The prices aren’t the best, but average turnaround time from ordering to actually getting the items was about 4 or 5 days.

I’ve used Gremlin Solutions and I recommend them, I live in the UK and get everything the next day.

Gremlin Solutions are extremely reliable…

Anyone ordered Seimitsu from them? I need 6 buttons and I’d like them ASAP. If they have to restock first, I might get them somewhere else.

Send them an email - simple as, and ask if they have the goods in stock.

They are really down to earth via email, you can ask if they have stock, and if so to just send you an invoice and you can pay for it without having to go through the site directly.

Great guys, use em all the time.

yeah i had to go through them to get a seimitsu ls-23-01. they actually have em in stock, they didnt have to order them. luckily, or i would be waiting maybe an extra 3 weeks. cant believe how lucky i got. i just ordered one and they sent it out yesterday. it was my only choice after jlimports went down. they are really nice and helpful. only downside is for american customers, it is definitely on the pricey side cuz of shipping and the currency exchange rate. but at this moment, they are the only people i can find that actually gets seimitsu parts until akihabarashop opens back up or when ponyboy starts getting em as well.

i ordered from them a month ago, and got my goods sent within 2 days (I live in London). They always reply to email promptly, and offer good service. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re the only UK supplier.

I ordered from them at the weekend and the stuff arrived today.
Seimitsu LS32 - 01 and 10 sanwa buttons, plus a Happ one player start button.

All packaged nicely and well protected and they also threw in a clear bubbled balltop and a seimitsu clear button.
Damn them!! Now i’m thinking about my next stick before I’ve built this one!!

Very happy with the service :slight_smile: