Hudson Valley, NY (Trying to start a community)


Looking to see if I can try and make a community here and find other people.

I live in Pine Bush. I own an Xbox 360 and my gamertag is AGNT Chocolove. I mostly play Super Street Fighter 4, but I also have Tekken 6 and BlazeBlu.

Looking for new paltz fgc

I currently stay in Peekskill, NY and I go between here and NJ, I play ssf4 ae 2012 only, sometimes i play marvel for fun but suck at it.


Already is a community. Sorry we don’t really post anymore on SRK. Join the FB group . We play at a video game store in Troy NY on thursdays. Info is in group info.


Troy/Albany isn’t exactly that close to Pine Bush lol. He’d be better off making the same distance trip to Next Level or the Break.

That’s about what it’s gonna come down to, if you can find locals to practice up with that’s cool but the real competition/tournaments will be in NYC or NJ.


We have a group of around 5-10 in middletown ny who play SSF4 only, and then theres me and one other guy who play UMVC3 around here. I play SSF4 as well, if anyone wants to play or meet up lmk im down


wait, wait, people playin’ street in middletown? i live in wurtsboro. as a matter of fact, i’m hosting a brawl tournament (yeah, i know) this saturday, but i’m open to the idea of another game there, as well.

or rather, i’ll be doing monthly tournaments in bloomingburg, so we can start there.

where do you dudes usually play? at a house, or a venue?

but aye, if you DO happen to play smash, or know anyone that does, or just wanna come through to meet up and introduce yourself / talk fighting games, you are more than welcome to.


I’ll be home for the summer, I play a bit of everything but have been focusing on marvel, from the Monroe area. I’ll be down for some games.


Hey Hudson Valley peeps. I’m at Vassar College this summer and would be down to host some casual sessions for UMVC3 sometime in mid august. If enough interest is generated I could look into acquiring a large space in the college, I’d be down to run a tournament even. Hit this thread up if interested.


I’m down. I’d hit up the Orange County thread here:

And like the Hostile Takeover page on facebook. They’re a group trying to grow the community here and are looking to host monthly events:


I’m brand new to this forum and new to an interest in playing fighting games beyond the casual experience.
I play mk9 mostly.
I also just started playing SFIV:AE and Injustice.
My PS3 ID is Mickael486


Guys, me and my group are starting up weekly casuals in Scarsdale at Clarkson’s Corner. Our first session will be next week Friday from 6pm to possibly midnight. right now we’d figure we will have 5 setups at most and build from there. If you are around the area come on by and help grow the scene here in Westchester.


Do you guys have an event posted on facebook?


Yes we do. We will put one for every week. Our first night turnout was very good. Lots of Injustice and Marvel players with a few AE guys in there aswell.


Could you post a link here?


Hey everyone I’m trying to start a community for Westchester FGC and im trying to get everyone together. So if you intrested message me on xbox at Chefmctastic or my gmail at The more people we can get the better. :smiley:


We update it every week like I said. Like out page on FB aswell to get any updates. Last night we had a $1 Marvel tournament and we plan on doing one every week for different games depending on turnouts.


Last post on here was 2013…dam. cibernetco, the fighting chef are you guys still doing weekly events?


We have bi weekly events run by Hostile Takeover. Here is their page


Ultra sf4 player here in Poughkeepsie ny looking to find locals. Willing to meet in westchester Putnam or dutchess county