HUG ME DAMMIT! Kratos combo/video thread



Square=fp=1=Front Punch
Triangle=bp=2=Back Punch
X=fk=3=Front Kick
Circle=bk=4=Back Kick

Special Move Legend
HoH=Head of Helios
Arrow=Apollo’s Bow
Zeus Rage
Hermes Dash

D,B,D,F,Front Punch sweep distance
Babality ???
Stage Fatlaity:???


Here are some combos/combo videos for the god killer

Mid-Screen bnbs-mine 35%
bp,fp,Head of Helios,forward bk,bp,dash,bp,Apollo’s Bow,dash,Zeus’Rage,follow up
Mid-screen-mine 32%
bp,fp,Head of Helios,forward bk,bp,fp,fp,bp,Hermes Dash
Corner requried-me 40%
bp,fp,Head of Helios,forward bk,bp,bp,Apollo’s Bow,bp,Apollo’s Bow,bp,Zeus Rage. NOTE: DO NOT SPEND ONE METER AT ANY POINT DURING THIS KOMBO!!! it only gives at most two percent boost.

X-Ray kombos
forward bp,bp,xray



Corner only
anywhere during apollo bow combos as long as they are high enough

Post Videos Here!


I was gonna call it. . .Square,Square,Square,Square. . .lol

You should try and end his combos is 6bk,bp(hold),bk. . .it does the most damage of all his potential enders. . .

BP,fp, HoH, dash, 6bk,bp, dash, 6bk,bp(hold), bk- 40% As far I can tell this should be his midscreen bnb. . .

In the corner. . . do pretty much the same thing except:
BP,fp, HoH, dash, 6bk,bp, bp,flame arrow, 6bk,bp(hold), bk-44%
right now I see those being his most practical BnB combos. . .you can pretty much do any of the 4bp follow ups as they all basically do 1-3% difference with the bk follow-up being the strongest. . .however. . .each places the opponent at a different part of the stage, so itd be important to know how you’d want the opponent to land. . .


wait if you hold bp during forward bk,bp
it does the same effect as back bp
if so then DAMN!!!


Yea. . . its not shown in his movelist though. . .


then i guess i could incorperate that somewhere in my combo.
do me a favor, can you do the first midscreen combo i posted but instead of bp zeus rage,can you do forward bk,hold bp,bk and give me the results?



Jeez talk about lack of content…


Something came to my attention while fooling around with Kratos in training mode.

When using the Head of Helios during a combo the opponent gets stunned and you can follow your combo in logical fashion.
With immediate follow, the combo counts on and adds the usual damage scaling.

However, when you slighlty delay during the Helios stun and then proceed with the same combo, the first combo shows up on the screen the # hits.
The damage scaling somewhat resets and gives you more damage on both combo’s, it is however a true combo string, because the opponent is unable to block in between.
(unless training’s auto block is playing tricks on me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Example 1:

BnB combo without Helios delay:


BnB combo with Helios delay:


Example 2:

X-Ray BnB combo without Helios delay:


X-Ray BnB combo with Helios delay:


There is surely more to be done with this, experiment!


auto block kinda sux on this game.
i do a juggle,and they dont block 2 secs after gettin up >_>




Thanks for posting that for us! Much respect!


your welcome
i just wish more people would post in this section(seriously the kratos section is empty)

it doesn’t bode well for those who decide to use him
when there’s little to no info on how to use him


he apparently has an inescapable block string?!?!?!?!?
this sux guys it went from two, to three , to five kratos players prolly in the world.
FFS,ppl like DAN,HAKAN,R.MIKA,and GEN more than kratos.
but i found something stupid a couple days ago.
Reptile+Kratos tag team
321,Tag Assist,321,Tag Assist, uppercut does like 47%!


Have you guys tried using his parry its awesome, he can dash out of his parry into any other move.


thanks alot