Huge-ass dog in my backyard


fuck is this shit? random-ass dog in my backward been barking for like an hour now. I know for fact that no one around here owns a dog. its standing still in one spot and barking like a motherfucker. I called the cops and they said they they cant do anything because its not “important”(I pay my tax…)


Get out there and fight like a real motherfucker.

Or get its attention with a ball and throw it out of your backyard.

Make the dog pick up his shit and watch him make a topic on SRK asking if he bitched out.


go out there and show him what you’re made of

no fuck that you stay in your closet where its safe

He’s probably saying " stay inside and be a family man! "

yeah so the cops were here. yelled at the dog for a few minutes. then they got scared and left. this is where my tax money goes. this clowns cant even scare a damn dog.

I think you’re better off calling animal control. Cops for a dog? :confused:

I would say show that dog who’s boss, but this is America. If only…

it was China?

Do your best Sean Connery impression and say to him, “You’re the dog now, man.”

I was thinking Asia in general, but yea China works.

Cook that son of a bitch up! Of course Mike Vick taught us that we are fucked if we fucked with those things.

Real talk who the fuck is defending chickens though? Why dogs getting all the love? What about chickens?

You want to know why? Because dogs are better looking. Yep that’s right. So the next time someone calls me fucking shallow for calling a bitch ugly, well fuck you! You’re just as shallow as I am!

/end rant.

/ semi serious, well maybe full serious. I don’t know anymore!

loser talk, go out there pop his ass with a rifle or something

go out there and make friends with it, you get a free dog in your and you complain.

fuck is wrong with you

it’s a legit strategy :frowning:

thats a huge bish. dont think Id want that in my house.

still barking.

WHY MY BACKYARD? c’mon dog please gtfo. Id be the last person to adopt you. tough-ass dog right here. its like 20 degrees outside. maybe it will get tired and fall as sleep or something.


Call animal control you retard.

Sell it.

paint the fence with dog?