Huge game sale (DC/XB/360/Wii/PS2/PS)

Moving next month and to save on money shipping a bunch of shit to my new apartment I’m going to sell some stuff.

Paypal only, all prices include shipping. I will ship international but the shipping prices will vary upon location. Pics upon request.

Feedback Thread

Free VMU with Marvel Data on it when a DC game is purchased.
Dreamcast System - Complete with hookups, controller and VMU ($40)
Marvel vs. Capcom - Complete ($20)
Grandia 2 - Complete w/ OST ($20)
Skies of Arcadia - Complete ($25)
Sonic Adventure - Complete ($10)

KOF: Neo Wave - Complete ($15)
Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic - Complete ($12)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - Complete ($12)
Both KotOR for $20 shipped. - On Hold till Tuesday

Face Breaker - Complete ($12)
Crack Down - Complete ($12)
Devil May Cry 4 - Complete ($20)
Infinite Undiscovery - Complete ($30)
2Wired XBox Live Head Sets - Came with my pro kit and messenger pack. Never used. ($10 each)

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon - Complete ($30)
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Complete ($30)
No More Heroes - Complete ($16)
Mario Kart Wii - Complete w/ Wii Wheel ($40)
Super Mario Galaxy - Complete ($30)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Complete ($30)
Zach and Wiki - Complete ($12)
Game Cube Pelican Contoller - Battery cover is chipped ($20)

PS2 System - Comes with hooks ups, logitech wireless controller and memory card ($80)
Arcana Heart - Missing Instruction Book ($15)
CvS2 - Complete ($30)
Dragon Quest VIII - Complete: Black Label ($10)
Final Fantasy X-2 - Complete: Black Label ($12)
Final Fantasy XII - Complete: Black Label ($12)
KOFXI - Complete ($12)
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum - Complete ($12)
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - Complete ($12 Shipped)
World Heroes Anthology - Complete ($10)
Kingdom Hearts - Complete: Black Label ($12)
Kingdom Hearts II - Complete: Black Label ($12)
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Complete ($25)
All Three KH games for $45 shipped

Dark Stalkers - Complete: long Box ($10)


Yiiiiipa. love stuart’s games.

JoJo’s bizarre adventure has been sold.

Stuart is a great seller.

… Confirmed …

private messaged

That avatar alone is worthy of a sale. Good Luck SH :wgrin:

all pm’s responded to.

I will take marvel for DC if no one has bought it yet. Oh wait never mind thats marvel 1. Darn.


Why is CvS2 so much

You can take that hold off for me, unexpected stuff came up so no idea when I’ll have the money.