Mvc2 -
1st - jared romero (mag sent cyclops)
2nd - hellfromabove “tushar” (mag sent pys) (msp)

1st - jared romero (zer0)
2nd - hellfromabove “tushar” (guile) (sagat)

xmen vs street
1st - jared romero (charlie, wolv)
2nd - hellfromabove “tushar” (mag , storm)

thanks for all the peeps that showed up. we had a great time! lets see if anyone can take on the top 2 players at Tilt Valencia

props to jared for winning in the finals for all games

tushar, props for getting 2nd at all games, u proved ur 2nd best around southern valencia

dan, what happen? hehe.

Are those results legit?

How did you guys have a turney where the same two people place the same in three different games? That’s hella bizarre.

I suspect MegaManDannyStyle woulda won XvSF.


only 2 people showed up

and i might of won, but jared does infinites 4 1if3!

awesome turney,

i couldnt make it, but man, it sounded cool…


Yall are dumb. j/k

when u comin back? i need to beast ur blacktron

LMAO!!! Yeah those results are legit. I placed 2nd in all. I woulda won SvC if Jared didn’t play Zero, AHHH so broken!!! Actually you better eliminate the XvSF results since there was no XvSF tourny, Jared and I just played newbs taking turns on chars. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Hey, Hellfromabove. It’s Pete, remember me from Evo? I played Combofiend in Marvel in the Game Room downstairs. You guys also tried calling my room at the Shilo Inn, but we stayed for the EC vs. WC 5-on-5.

Anyway, what’s up, man? Long time, no see. You going to Evo this upcoming year? I might, not sure, yet.

Holla’ back. Peace.