Hugo 101 Wins Summer Sizzle July 24th Lakewood California

Thanks to everyone that came to the event. Hugo101 beat June in the Final

1st Hugo101 - $63
2nd June $20
3rd - Victor $10

Stay tuned our Ranbats will be starting August 11th and Will run for three weeks more details to come

theres a tourney results section in this forums. you dont need to make a new thread here.

Im aware of the other thread information but someone suggested that I put it here as well. Thanks for your continued support

I suggest you post it on every thread in the pacific south section so everyone will know.

its spelled JOON btw


I fucking love that place!

and I suppose we’re in the month of JOOLY and in a few days it’ll be OGUST!?!?!?

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha thank you thank you thank you

you bring hope to my tired heart

Wow, I haven’t heard that since Elementary School.

Thx A1 for hosting all these Tournaments. I’ll be there for your RanBats.

Grats, gents! How was the turn out?

Thx George. It was good. About 20 people showed up.