Hugo 2013 changes

• HP - Opponent cannot perform quick recovery off the ground when hit by this while in the air

  • 4 frames added to Boost Combo (-9 on hit, -15 on block)
  • Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • cr. LP - Damage reduced from 50 to 40
    • cr. LK - Hit box reduced
  • Hurt box reduced
    • cr. MP - Damage reduced from 80 to 70
  • 5 frames added to Boost combo (-5 on hit, -9 on block) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • cr. MK - 4 frames added to Boost Combo (-13 on block) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • Hammer Hook - Wall bound when move connects on counter hit
    • Body Press - Block stun reduced by 8 frames / Damage reduced from 140 to 110
  • Active frames reduced from 21 to 8 frames
    • Giant Palm Breaker - “Damage changes
    • LP: 100->80
    • MP: 100->110
    • HP: 140->130”
    • Moonsault Press - Damage recduced from 200 to 230
    • EX Meat Squasher - Damage increased from 200 to 260
    • Monster Lariat - Block stun increased by 3 frames (on block -10)
  • Super armor startup changed from 1 to 6 frames
    • EX Monster Lariat - Block stun reduced by 5 frames (on block -8)
    Special move meter gain • Giant Palm Breaker: whiff 15->10, on hit 40->30
    • Moonsault Press: whiff 15->20, on hit 40->100
    • Shootdown Backbreaker: on hit 20->65
    • Meat Squasher: whiff 15->20, on hit 20->80
    • Ultra Throw: whiff 15->20, on hit 0->60
    • Monster Lariat: whiff ->15->0, on hit 40->50


I’ll analyze this more later but why is his Cr. LK hitbox nerfed anyway? It’s not like he has that many good normals. I still think he needs better walk speed or something to get him in.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

They nerfed the few things that made him useable. =/ A little speed would be good. They only increased the Ex meat squasher that it’s barely used.

lol Hugo is gonna get Sentinel’d if he is even worse than he is now.

After changes he’s unplayable in anything even resembling competitive play. The damage changes to every move in his limited repetoire he actually uses, the splash nerf and most importantly the lariat nerf just kill him.

He’s already able to be thrown out of everything and with the throw startup reduced that just gets worse. The only things he had were damage and the ability to desperation through attacks with the lariat/charge it to wait and see. With the armor coming in later and the damage cut back he’s just a big target. I’m sad, I was having fun. Time to move to Abel.

Hugo got hit hard. Gonna look how severe these changes are in SFxT v. 2013.

If anything, his meter gain on hit has some buffs. But the nerfs outweigh the buffs really.

yea he got hit really hard. ugh maybe i should learn 3rd strike he still be out match but i think he has more chance the 2013 hugo.

Mofos and I just finish this Stick a week ago :confused:

WTF… this is terrible. I quit playing this game three weeks ago and wanted to come back to play some Hugo, but he might be the worst caracter now.
I’m sorry if I’m overreacting, but I’m shocked.
Splash and Lariat nerfed? Damage reduced? Terrible.

crosses fingers for hidden buffs

Super Armor startup has been changed so that it now starts on frame 7 instead of frame 1.

Extra nerf for Hugo in the final balance change list.

What were they thinking?

Yeah, you’re right. The only things he had were
His huge damage potential - nerfed
His great splash - nerfed
His lariat, which really helped sometimes.
Wit all of that gone now, what do we have left? Still good damage potential, some long range normals, a huge hitbox… oh, yeah, grabs are supposed to be better in the new version. But my guess is that he will be the worst character by far.

why on earth did capcom hit poor hugo with the nerf stick so hard when he wasn’t that strong to begin with? I thought the point of nerfs were to tone down op characters not to turn mid tier characters into garbage

Capcom really needs to stop listening to the loud whiners, especially when it comes to grapplers.

i really think capcom should hire competitive players to help them balance a game. Instead they seem to listen to the opinions of scrubs who just suck and are to lazy to learn how to play. Sure hugo was really good up close and could do a shit ton of damage but guess what he was slow as fuck was never a great character at closing the cap so by the time he got in he usually had lost a crap load of health . To borrow a term from from tom brady the mk player hugo was a godzilla character. Meaning the proper way to play him was to eat damage in order to get in. Now he’s not as good at range 1 and i’ts a lot harder to get .

In a nutshell you will now take more damage closing the gap and once you do you want do as much damage

Oh and i don’t mean to disrespect a tourney player but how on earth can tat combofiend guy say the nerfs to hugo were needed?

I think Hugo is a bit flawed by character design.

I mean, his gameplan basically evolved around hitting splash, be it air-to-air or as a jump-in, and then getting his 300-500 damage combos off. As I already said in this thread, his only good and viable options were his amazing splash, the lariat with armor and the huge damage potential.

In my opinion, Hugo was a bit like SF4 Oni, a Character that has a lot of bad matchups and really isn’t all that solid like e.g. Ryu, but can work around it because of his mindfucks and the *huge ass *damage that can come from hitting one single normal.

My only hope is the throws, as they are suposedly better in V.2013, although I don’t really know why.
And again… Active frames reduced from 21 to 8 frames - WTF? It’s just my opinion, but if I’m right, he really might be flat out unusable.

This final video shows how terrible he end up been :frowning:

wow he got nailed! the body splash is game over. the lariat yes, but the body splash was his only way to get in on people effectively. son of a bitch i was loving playing with him. he’s the new yoshi

“Hugo players will find him more rewarding” Hahaha! WTF… Great video, Capcom.

Oh, and btw… if you want grapplers to be played as grapplers… don’t make grabs terrible. Are you idiots? But hey, why don’t you buff Kazuya a bit more?

exactly! his grab is almost useless. look at zangiefs then look at hugo. thats my team and the grabs of those two are light years apart. hugo is just a huge target with almost no way to get ppl off of him now. no anti air without meter. im pissed, i loved him. i very rarely even played another hugo online. ill still stick with him for a little and learn new things but holy shit. capcom hates hugo