Hugo against buffered LoV

I’m asking this question for my friend…
in a local tourney he was raped by a remy player using
buffered LoV in the corner…

Parrying them all is not a good solution here as the remy player
is experienced enough to throw out EX LoV’s to mess up the timing…

Are there any solutions to help Hugo out of this situation?

Thanks people!

Being a remy player who’s buffered a hugo player in the corner, it’s not as much a nightmare as you may think. If he has no life, and a super meter, he’s probably likely to do wakeup super as soon as he sees the lovs start coming. Otherwise, depending on how close remy is, a well-timed 360 will do the trick. Also, he’ll run out of exs eventually if he does them at random intervals to mess up the timing. Parrying the high EX is as simple as one parry tap; it’ll get them both. If you’re feeling fearless, you can jump after a successful high parry, but then you have to face all of remy’s super-good anti-air moves (standing strong, rage flash, jab chains and crap like that).

If you have more than just a smidgen of life, be patient. It’s very hard to keep up charge buffering forever, and he’ll eventually screw up. Once he does he won’t have the juice until he sets it up again with a knockdown or something. Either that, or be brave and parry if you have the advantage of life. I don’t play hugo, but a crazy idea is to just jump out of there with that air grab (since it moves him further laterally than vertically) after a successful high parry if remy’s hella close and buffering.

Neither 720 and 360 grab will work, the remy player places himself out of that range with purpose knowing that hugo’s grab range.

Also, the charge buffering will never screw up…
my friend tried the air grab move and it doesn’t work…
We’re going to try out if a forward parry followed by a low roundhouse would work if the range allows…
Ah yes… as well as a low parry into kara-mk-slap…

whoever that remy player is doing a trap against hugo in the corner, if hugo could simply just 720 or 360 he’s isn’t that experienced cus WHY would u be doing them that close in the first place? and mind u hugo’s throw range is large but not larger than his low forward range… that remy whoever it is, deserves to be 360’d :bluu:

yea very tough match, just as hard with Dudley because of his small jump.

Waiting/Parrying is the best choice, but if he can get 20+buffered booms in a row out(fucking annoying), gg.

You should know its impossible to jump out of because the block stun from the previous boom locks you down(if hes doing the lovs tight) and Hugo’s jump is waaaay too slow and short range.

you can try this… wait for a high lov to parry(and if you’re expecting a non low ex lov next) immidiately follow it up by dp+hk the air grab move. It’ll whiff and get you out of the corner… HOPEFULLY you’ll land far away on the opposite side of Remy so he can’t retaliate.

If you figure a way out another way, tell me ^_^;

The further the remy player is, the longer it takes to set up the buffering, making it easy to see coming and avoid before it happens. He can bust quick buffering if the second lov thrown is an ex, but the timing is more difficult at range.

While I was quite off in that wakeup 360, the 720 has a deceptively large range. But about being outside that range…

I guess if you have low life and he has a full meter, then you’re simply in deep shit. That is, unless you parry it all, which is unlikely if he mixes up normals with exs, but at decent range it’s pretty easy.

More than half the screen away, you can wait for a high parry ex and jump, get ready to parry again. You can use that roundhouse dp move, but even when remy is only 2/3 of the screen away, you’ll still land right beside him (though indeed behind him). Unfortunately, it’s unrealistic to expect a non-ex low next, unless he doesn’t have the meter, at which point you would have already sustained the block damage. Even if he does a normal, he’ll still recover long before hugo does. At half the screen away, you’ll land out of throw distance behind him, but remy will still have the advantage because of your crappy recovery. Yes, I suggested this earlier and it turns out to be a bad idea.

Note that you can parry “low” ex lovs high. From just more than hafl the screen away, it’s one parry motion for each the high and low ex lovs. The full screen it’s two quick taps. At this range, you’ll land in front and probably get hit by a buffered lov with the dp kick (little more difficult to jump out at this range after a high parry, since the second parry keeps you on the ground almost long enough, but all it takes it just holding up and towards immediately after the parry). So the solution is simply to sit there and parry. The timing is not difficult, about 5 minutes or less practicing with parrying at various ranges on the screen and it’s not a problem. No kidding.

If you have some life left, just sit there and parry until he runs out of meter. Or just block and wait, it’s not a big deal, seriously. Once the normals start coming out, it’s an easy parry and advance game. I’m trying to say that unless he has the advantage in life WITH most of his meter filled (remember that he can bust three ex booms per meter with SA2), his little buffering trick won’t do much. A buffering session with normal lovs shouldn’t be an issue. You can parry or even UO over the lows to advance.

Yea of course obviously the best way to get out of it is to avoid it, but you have to see how easy it is to Hugo into the trap(sure other characters can jump away for free, or just dodge the high lovs). A simple dashxxlov gives Remy easy spacing on Hugo…

you have to realise no one does a boom trap half a screen away, most people do it just out of throw or super range, I was suggesting my idea under this circumstance because if they’re that close the hk back breaker will usually get you far enough from range and you’d be suprise how fast a back breaker can recover.
The way you expect or see a non ex lov is by the time you’re parrying (buffer dp input straight after parry) the first lov, you are able to notice the yellow flash gone off from the next ex lov(if its ex’ed).

if u sit and parry a high normal jab LOV wont the remy player just dash in for a throw unexpectedly (while stuck in the parry animation) and get a 4 hit off the wall on u… worst scenario

I don’t know if you think you’re helping by posting bullshit like this, or if you are just trying to impress people by appearing to know something, but I assure you that you’re failing at both. KnowSkillz, of all the people who have participarted in this thread, the only person less knowledgeable than yourself is the person who posted the question. If you want to keep shooting your mouth off, you’ll find out just how little you actually know, in glorious and embarrassing public detail for the enjoyment of this board’s many readers.

Ah a srk flamer, we meet at last :smiley:

Have you tried it? Are you sure it doesn’t work? I’ve used it tried it and its worked for me a few times before. I never said it was an invincible SUPAH TEKNIQUE which will work everytime, but its an alternative.

So instead of trying to make yourself look big and flaming people, why don’t you post something helpful and actually relavent to the topic or… just shut the fuck up, serously.

I don’t assume you’re stupid. I mention the difficulties for remy at a distance because he can’t do any surprise tactics like throwing in normals or an overhead or a dash when he’s at range. It is extremely difficult to dash and continue unless he is just starting the buffering. In this case, unless you are in the corner, it’s a game of patience (or parrying practice).

And your comment about him being able to pull off 20 or more… you have to realize that unless you are bad at parrying, the remy can only stall the game with normal lovs. That’s all he can do. If you parry every one of them, or even choose to UO over the lows (since you have plenty of time to decide what to do), then the remy player only has the advantage when he is at a greater life and the clock is blinking. Outside of that exact circumstance, there’s little pressure for hugo who can slowly approach and get inside. There is nothing dangerous about a barrage of normal lovs. Nothing.

I’m pretty sure Squeamish was talking about your ability to “expect” the normal low lov from the yellow flash. This is not possible, unless you have inhumanly fast reactions. By the time the yellow flash occurs, you have less than a quarter of a second before the booms actually get to you. If you wait until the yellow flash (or, rather, lack thereof), you will not be able to execute the move in time to avoid the low lov. Yes, yes, I know you buffer the motion regardless, but once you see the flash, it is simply too late. In fact, whether or not your reactions are that good, you have to execute the back breaker before remy flashes or else you’ll get hit. This means that it is impossible to react in this manner, and it is therefore a guess.

More to the point, it doesn’t matter whether he does an ex or a normal. As long remy is doing either, and you execute the air grab right off the parry, you will “escape.” Though there are reasons why this will never work.

I am telling you all this under the assumption that you are within “half the screen,” since you implied that being just outside of throw or super range is inside the centerline. More on that later.

I am not surprised, because I have tested this extensively. It recovers too slowly, even if remy does a normal low lov. If remy is that close, hugo will not travel far enough to avoid super. He won’t even travel far enough to avoid a crouching short. The only time he will be far enough to avoid anything is when remy is RIGHT next to hugo when he starts buffering, and even still remy can always just sweep (and have the advantage once again). The only time you’ll ever be able to recover faster is if remy takes his time doing the low lov after the high ex which you parried. The only time you’ll land far enough to avoid anything is if remy is buffering right next to you, which would “obviously” never happen, right?

Even jumping is safer because at least you can parry. While you may have to face an anti-air show, you’re not going to get a super fully connected on you, that’s for sure.

Now, to tell you the truth, half the screen is, guess what, just outside of super range. Even at this distance, if you bust a 720 when remy is in the animation for a low lov, he will get grabbed. And if the hugo chooses hammer frenzy, you can just execute it when you parry an lov, high or low. He will hit remy, and the lovs will pass harmlessly through. Everytime. Unless, of course remy is more than half the screen away. I have tested this. Perhaps you were implying that remy was further than half the screen away when you mentioned being “just outside of throw or super range,” but when you’re this far, why the hell would you do a back breaker?

So I’d appreciate you not making such bold assumptions about remys never buffering half the screen away, a distance that’s much safer than being closer, where he can get supered extremely easily, and still not completely safe from supers.

And the worst-case scenario will never occur. Dashing in unexpectedly… sure, that’s unexpected, and you might get the throw off, but hugo will never be “stuck” in the parry animation. Whether it’s an ex or a normal, far or close, hugo will recover from the parry animation at the very latest in time to tech remy’s throw. Maybe if remy throws it and keeps dashing forward while hugo dashes back into the corner until the lov hits him will he be stuck long enough not to tech remy’s throw.

The solution: Choose hammer frenzy. Wait until remy buffers close to you in the corner. Parry one, or block a low and go straight into the super. If you parried low, wait for the high to come out a bit before executing the super. If you have no super, and he’s doing exs, parry, or block. If he continues without meter, just parry high and do standing strong. It’s that simple.

If he’s at range, there’s no excuse to be afraid unless you have less life. In this case, block until he runs out of meter (unless you’re almost dead, in which case be brave and parry). Either way, when he runs out of meter, buffering does nothing, except possibly set remy up for a guessing game on hugo. Remy doesn’t recover from the normals very quick so it’s not like you have split seconds to react. Parry, block, UO over lows, remy’s buffering game is thus rendered much less effective.


I take issue with people who tout strategies that are humanly and physically impossible. If you want to politely make a suggestion or ask a question you’ll probably find that you get a much warmer reception. When you try to shoot down others’ ideas and herald ones as absurd as yours then you end up looking like a fool, like you do right now.

In any case, I think Karleguarth got the answer he was looking for(and you’ll notice it was nothing you provided), so you’re really much better off just saying nothing more at this point.

Unfortunately I don’t have an easy answer. I would personally just use an alternative character one this one. Just hope they mess up and you can land something big fast. Most of the time when I play this I am the agressor. I will either jump in parry the player’s D HP, flash kick, ex flash kick, or lov. Hopefully I can rush him enough that he won’t have meter since I can’t parry the entire combo. Q plays stupid like this too. Seriously, if the players are the same level this can go both ways. If the hugo is not as good then use a different character. :slight_smile: