Hugo amazing feels thread



Made one for complaining, now let’s try one for sharing the awesome moments

-Knocking somebody down, standing over them and throwing out St.HP just as they wake up and jump away, slamming them back into the ground like a fucking meteor. so satisfying

-Getting in on a cocky zoner that’s been trolling you the entire match and mixing them up till death


I hit 2 EX Backbreakers and a c.MK from 3 Meaty Clap OS’s in a row, immediately followed by a Whiff Clap SPD, immediately followed by final EX Backbreaker from one last Meaty Clap OS to close out the round on a 7k bp Elena.

It felt REAL good.


I was playing a Guile IRL, and it’s the end of the match (I have meter). I say aloud, DON’T FLASH KICK. But he’s afraid of a grounded grab so he up backs, I do delayed back breaker on his wake up anyway. I win. THE FEELS (and a quiet pop off).


Using W Ultra and closing out Round one with Meaty Hp clap OS U2. Then closing out Round 2 with Mp clap whiff into U1.


Getting in dat ass with Hugo. Once he’s in, he won’t pull out till he’s finished.


Finally broke the 7K mark. :slight_smile:


I think the best win is when you win with I feel like everyone on XBL makes it their business to sht on Hugo, but to win with a character who can literally sht on you with…that makes my day.

#8 saved me tonight by actually going over Honda Ultra 1.


Made a Chun-li player rage-quit and got 8K:) only 2K more to go.
Took me a week apparently seeing me posting the 7K 7 days ago.


Had an excellent endless run with Hugo vs a Dudley/E.Ryu last night, ended ahead around 20-14.

Was landing the big clap combos as whiff punishers and hit every U1 bar two. Got a perfect on his e.Ryu with purely standing jab xx jab clap.

Funny since he bodied my main 7-3 before I switched to Hugo.