Adding some notations will be good since its really hard to see the commands because of the video editting makes it confusing


What is it this Armor Cancel I hear all over about?


ok but it’s like Abel Armor Cancel commands
look :
you input Ex COD

and then QUICKLEY input another special move like


So essentially it’s a cancel of an armored move? I’ve been trying it. I guess I’m not quick enough yet.


Its a cancekked armored move, but the casting of the move, the hit of your opponentsmove and your input for the canceled move are all extremely tight. Its easier to practice if u set your training partner to do a safe jump setup. Like I have Cody do back throw then immediate jump in HK. I can get the armor canceled move all the time. But if I just try to do a jump in HK for whatever reason I have a much more difficult time. Stuff is viable. But its more or less a read. In that case I’d rather just make the read and punish accordingly.


In the SF4 engine, you can cancel the first couple of frames of a special into another special/super/ultra of higher priority.

So in this case, you input a move that has armor (like QCF+KK), and then input another move, let’s say HCB+KK, within the first couple of frames, then Lariat will cancel into Ultra Throw, and Lariat will not have cost any meter despite being EX, because it never really came out, but you still gain the benefit of the couple of armored frames.
Because it has such a strict timing to it, though, it’s not really feasible (if possible at all) to do from a standing position, because you would only have something like 2 frames + the number of hitstop frames caused by armoring the hit to input the HCB motion. Maybe from a standing position you could do QCF+KK QCF+KKK to get EX Lariat Armor Cancel into U2, but at that point you might as well have just let the Lariat fly and combo’d into U2 or something.

From a knockdown, though, you can input the Lariat for Reversal and still have time to buffer whatever motion you want to cancel into, so Armor Cancels are mainly a way to blow up Safe Jumps.

That’s also how Kara Ultra Throw works, by the way. By plinking HCB+P~K, you cancel the first couple of frames of Clap into Ultra Throw. You can do this from a standing position because the Clap and Ultra Throw inputs overlap, so you don’t need a separate input for the second special if you just do HCB. Technically, you should be able to do Kara SPD with HCB+P~UB+P, because QCB overlaps with the 6-input SPD motion starting from forward, and I want to say that I actually managed to do it before, but the increase in range was only like one small training room square, which isn’t really worth the effort considering how difficult it is to do compared to Kara UT. Maybe I just did it wrong, though, in which case someone let me know how much range you get.


i will give you my secret
when you input Ex COD qcf+ kkk
do it Before he touch you on 1 frame before the motion
And then synchronized with the movement of your opennent with your special move


Is there situations which i have to use the armor cancel into Gigas Breaker ?? it’s so hard to me…(may be cuz i’m a pad player… )
If it important is there any special tricks for U1 ??


You can beat a safe jump/meaty attack by cancelling EX MS into gigas breaker, it’s easier than cancelling into Lariat.
Just do 360+KK, 360+PPP.
Actually I think you can maybe even do a plink, just wake up with 720+KK~PPP (easy if using the shortcut buttons).
I didn’t test this so it can be wrong (maybe 720+KK doesn’t do Meat Squasher, but it may do Backbreaker due to input leniency)