Hugo Chavez is dead


R.I.P Hugo Chavez



Can’t sympathize with him, but he was trying to do what he thinks is best for his country. RIP.

That’s sort of where I am. He was a very charismatic leader who truly loved his people. It’s a shame that the political landscape made him an enemy to the US.

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Ok…so…why do they call them “Chavs” then?

Good grief, and stay dead. Spending all the money he gets from the oil on his stupid TV show. The guy was great at talking, but that was it.

Sean Penn must be devastated. America waits on its preeminent humanitarian and intellectual while he grieves.

Really he was ‘great at talking’? Hook me up with some transcripts!

It’s from the Romanian chavi, or “child”.

Thank you for the insight Fox News viewer.

52% of Venezuelans voted for opposition parties in 2010, and yet he still won. Don’t you find it strange that thousands of Chinese workers start showing up a few months before the elections?

The man was worth over $1 billion by the time of his death. He robbed his own people. All he had to do was sweet talk them constantly, and give them a crumb of a crumb.

It may actually be considerably more than a billion, somewhere between one and two- it may surprise you to know that an autocrat who was in complete control of his country may not have been very open with his financial figures.

The second link doesn’t really negate the stuff in the first, but if we’re playing ping-pong:ávez?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/chavez

Also, you may want to read through some of the comments of that link you posted (first time I’ve ever said that before).

Today is a good day for venezuelans,

or 3 days ago,lol where i’ve been living?

sort of like our corporate ran government does to us right???

A crumb of a crumb to keep us just entertained enough with cheap and and easy pleasure.

Good riddance. One less demagogue in the world.

And why do you dissagree @TS??

Although the degree to which this is done to the American people isn’t as obvious or transperant to that of what Chavez did, its being done with the same amount of ferocity. the only diffrence is that we are told and spoon fed the illusion of freedom and the bullshit that is “Democracy”.