Hugo Combo Thread



Just thought i would get things started with what i know, be good to have some easy to find info for new Hugo players so please add or correct me if i made any mistakes. Thanks.

(141 Damage) - This is your simple trip combo. It’s a chain, excellent range and causes knockdown. Only safe if used from max range which is just shy of half screen. xx lp palm breaker
(180 Damage) - Quick 2in1 to be used as a poke and block string. 2 can be linked together for big damage or added pressure. xx lk lariat
(150 Damage) - Use this when you can punish something with but would be too far away to fully connect with your BnB.

Normal xx lp palm breaker X2
(314 Damage) - Nice simple combo and a great block string. xx lp palm breaker, xx lk lariat, cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, mk shootdown backbreaker
(445 Damage) - This is your main BnB. This is what you will want to use wherever possible, usually from connecting with body splash.

Launcher/Boost Combos

[LEFT],, hp+hk[/LEFT]
[LEFT](160 Damage) - As Hugo’s st.hp has such short range, you should use this in most situations you are looking to tag him out via boost combo.[/LEFT],, st.hp, st.hp
(228 Damage) - Do this over the above if you started with the hitting deep, purely for the extra damage. Learn the range or you will be punished when it whiffs.

st.lp x3,, st.hp, st.hp
(269 Damage) - Abuse the fact you can mash st.lp and link after it. Learn the timing of the following and this can come in handy in a tight spot. xx lp palm breaker,, st.hp, st.hp
(354 Damage) - Nice damage for a boost combo. The must be done fairly deep for all of this to hit. Also the after palm breaker must be linked and is easy after a bit of practice, mashing will not work here.

Ultra Throw

ultra throw, leap attack, xx lk shootdown backbreaker
(262 Damage) - Better options but it’s there if you want a less complicated combo to end a round.

ultra throw, cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, mk shootdown backbreaker
(316 Damage) - Timing is a bit tricky for this one as you need to hit cr.lp at the right moment as they fall so they are high enough for backbreaker after lp palmbreaker.

ultra throw, leap attack, xx lp palm breaker, mk shootdown backbreaker
(328 Damage) - Best damage with no meter off an ultra throw.

ultra throw, cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, gigas breaker
(477 Damage) - Not as damaging as some of his other combos that end in super but it’s there if you can finish your opponent after landing ultra throw.

Cross Arts xx lp palm breaker X2, gigas breaker
(576 Damage) - Big damage. Add a body splash at the beginning and it’s 651 damage. Because of so few hits, this is actually the most damaging combo if super is used at the end due to damage scaling. xx lp palm breaker, xx lk lariat, cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, gigas breaker
(578 Damage) - A bit more damge than the combo above and it does create better postioning by moving the opponent nearer to the corner.

[SIZE=7]Tag Cancel[/SIZE]

Just gonna give an example here of a combo with Hugo and Guile.

(Hugo) j. body splash, st.lp,, st.hp, st.hp (Tag Guile) cr.lp, cr.lp, xx mk flash kick xx mp+mk (Tag Hugo) cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, shootdown backbreaker
(440 Damage) - Nothing too special, just nice damage off 1 bar compared to a combo with EX. Just to give an idea of a simple tag combo.

Here’s another better example using Law.

(Hugo) j.body splash, xx lp palm breaker,, st.hp, st.hp (Tag Law),, (Junkyard Kick) cr.hp xx hk shaolin spink kicks, mp+mk (Tag Hugo) cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, mk shootdown backbreaker
(554 Damage) - Nice damage for only 1 bar.

Feel free to add.

#2 xx lp palmbreaker, xx lk lariat, lk shootdown backbreaker (389 dmg)

Lariat ain’t safe on block, but palmbreaker is, so I’d start my combos off with that if I were you. I don’t find it any more difficult to pull of myself.


Yes, i use this when im not sure if my cross up is gonna get blocked or not. I use the other as a punish. Plus, you can add on cr.lp xx lp palm breaker before the SSB for damage of 437 or 511 if started with a j. body splash


Corner: Trade c.HK, c.MK (260 Damage) - Trading c.HK with a normal usually results in you resetting, allowing you to juggle after it. Not a very practical combo by any means, but if you ever do c.HK for some reason, why not mash c.MK when doing it? I guess you could also do a more complex combo after it, but then you’ll actually have to react to it happening.


Good poke into launcher combo is:, cr.lp, st. Mp, launcher into respective team follow up. Just thought of this but i you can also link standing mp and cr. lp off of palm breaker so you could do something like: cr. mp xx palm breaker,, st. Hp, launcher. Or any variation you’d want to mix in depending on position/range


Defiantely need help with more launcher combos as i’m just using a simple magic series off of splash at the moment.

Also, what is everyone else using after Hugo is tagged in? I use cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, mk shootdown backbreaker. Using Gigas instead of shootdown backbreaker is hardly worth the damage because of scaling. Any better options?


i’ve been using the one u currently use. its simple enough and damage is decent.

is this corner combo character dependent? possible to add a different ender?

[LEFT] jp dH, d MP xx qcb LP, d MP xx qcf LK, LK xx qcb LP, LK xx qcf LK, dp KK[/LEFT]


I have a cross combo with Hugo/Abel, as they’re my main team:
3 meters are necessary for this one, does approx 470 - 485 damage ( I need to go back and double check the actual damage count w/o gems)

Body Press > cr. mp > EX Palm Breaker > cr. mp > EX Lariat xx switch cancel (during the first hit of the Lariat) xx lp xx lp xx standing Cross Rush xx lk xx Shootdown Backbreaker.

You can also substitute the **st. hp **during Abel’s time for cr. hp xx Sky Fall.


Edited to add launcher/boost combos.


I can’t connect lk lariat, cr.lp xx lp palm breaker, mk shootdown backbreaker. I do lk lariat, cr.lp xx lp palm breaker but I can’t connect** shootdown backbreaker.** Help, please. Thanks


You must do the cr.lp xx lp palm breaker as early as possible to pop the opponent up high enough for the mk babckbreaker to connect. Also, you want to be pressing mk for the backbreaker the second palm breaker finishes.

I will be making a video of all Hugo’s main combos but until then, this video should give you a good idea of the timing.



I mash out the mk backbreaker (if midscreen) as soon as i see the lp palm hit…so you’re probably not inputting the command fast enough…mash that ish out bro!


ultra throw, leap attack, xx lp clap, mk back breaker

if you dug through the hugo discussion thread before making this one you’d have some much better combos.

on crouching opponent:
leap attack, c.lpmp xx ex clap, xx lariat, xx lp clap, mk back breaker


that’s terrible terrible damage for 3 bars


Ok, fair enough i missed out the clap on the ultra throw combo, but i deliberately left out starting moves such as leap attack or splash or you could be here all day lisiting the same combos with a different move at the beginning.

Will add an ex section though. Ex clap just hardly seems worth it ever as it normally adds 40 damage when you are better off tag switching with that bar. Although i get that combo needs it because of the chain but still. Ex is crappy for Hugo.


yes it is, but like you said that combo needs it.
most good tag combos require an ex lariat as well (which is great on its own, since you get a free full combo on the tagged in character)


yeah i have been using it a lot and because of the length of ex lariat, you can try re sets if you are paired with a char with a nice hi low mix up game.



Just the shit I’ve been doing online. Nothing new here.


I just started playing with hugo a bit
Whats the best combo to use when he’s coming in off a tag?


i do lk xx light clap, mk backbreaker.

i dont think it works in the corner, in corner you have to do cr lp and then clap etc