Hugo combo vid..KYSG style!

Pretty good vid with some nice combos.

Seriously… dont post worthless stuff like that… a stuncombo-exhibition isnt gonna help anyone. To those who dont understand what i mean: Those combos only work if the opponent is stunned in the beginning of it, just about anyone can go infinite with stuns.

he said it was KYSG style dude, and its awesome.

everyone here knows whats up yo. we know about stun. if you don’t think its dope then whatev. combo videos are meant to demonstrate what the engine can do. they aren’t tutorials so don’t judge it for not being one.

to the OP, keep it comin!

Stop being crazy and just watch it for what it’s meant for. A combo exhibition. Take a break from an ultra competitive mindset and just watch a video. That’s what they’re meant for. Just showing what can be done with the mechanics of the game.

4 giant palm bomber combo? how is that possible? :confused:

Wow, you must be very wise in 3s. Infinites you say? I have a lot to learn.

Lol, Marvel Style.

starting now! race to discover chun head stomp infinite and ken ROM infinite!! get to praaaaaactice

Funny enough I have been looking into this for something like the last 2 months.

Not necessarily an infinite but some ambiguous cross up loops kinda of deal. I won’t say with who, but it’s not Ken. Hopefully it’ll be out before the end of the year.


taunt as a 720 buffer is the greatest idea ever.

the combo at 0:57 is almost practical.

I didn’t like the chun parry exhibition, cause you can 720 after the first set of kicks.


That match vid is awesome. Glad you guys liked that vid. Sadly that’s the only one of its kind I’ve seen on YT thus far :confused:

Stuff like that is going to confuse people… shoryuken is supposed to teach, right?

If a fighting game fan can’t figure out the difference between a practical video and a combo video, I’d say they are hopeless.

Exhibition videos aren’t the greatest for people who are just learning, but they can actually inspire people to try out weird stuff. I’m tempted to compare them to genetic mutations and the X-Men. Sure most of the time you get a Jubilee here and there, but eventually you’ll get a Juggernaut. Wait…

Seriously, KYSG is all you really need to know. And if someone new to the game is confused, they can just ask.

Do you know how FUCKING annoying that is to hear that on a combo exhibition? It’s just a combo video, now if it was a video purely to show you effective his combo’s would be in a tournament, it wouldn’t be as awesome…jesus, LEARN WHAT THE VIDEO IS FOR BEFORE PUTTING YOUR TWO CENTS IN.

This way you won’t post up annoying crap like you just did. :rofl:

BTW awesome video Chino :slight_smile:

But…but…it was awesome.

amazing vid, gave me a lot of food for thought. good find.

LOL that was pretty sick, definitely have to try one of those out just for fun.

i discovered Dudley’s cr.RH infinite, do i get a prize?

condition: opponent must be in corner.

OMFG dude that Hugo player was fantastic, rep +++