Hugo Combos

OK I am no noob except at Hugo and i was wonder abot some combos for him (yes i know he is no combo fiend) and any other advice for Hugo you could give me thankls in advance

Read the previous thread i think there’s a combo thread for Hugo

i base my whole hugo game around cr.MPs and 720s.

it’s all about standing or crouching jab x 3 :lol:.


Standing lk, ex lariat for the knockdown on close standing opponents.

Wake up 360’s if the time is right, also air grab if the opp is stupid enough to jump in deep. if good to keep the opp back, and for knock down also.

yeah there’s no point for combos with Hugo really. Standing MP is best poke, safe & builds bar. Crouching/Standing LP x 3 blah blah and throws but I’ll some annway for ya

qcb + HP, qcb + LP, crouching MK
qcb + HP, Lariat (LK)- I think this works, not sure
qcb + HP, crouching LK, Ex Lariat (DP + K)
hcb + K, DP + K, but this combo does less damage than one Piledriver. So if your in the situation to use a throw you should know to use a Piledriver
Jumping d + HP (cross-Up), standing/crouching LP x 2, Hammer Mountain
qcb + HP, qcb + LP, Hammer Mountain can be supered by ken if ur distance is not right…

i wouldn’t say s mp is hugo’s best poke… well i don’t think hugo has a best poke… for ex c mp i think is the best poke vs shotos but c mk is better vs chun… IMO

will standing MP may not be great, but it’s decent.

Fierce clap, jab clap, ex lariat!

if i could give one single piece of advice to hugo players it would be to use the s.MP conservatively.

If you are facing opponet that have no shoriu move (alex, urien …), you can use this trick:
When your opponet have to rise , you can press it with qcb+fierce , normaly he block it , so dash forward cancelled into pile driver.
Normally after 1 or 2 time you do this you opponent will try a parry on the rise up , so be smart , cancell you qcb into a gigas breker .

I only fucking combo you ever need with Hugo is Cr.Jab, Cr.Jab xx Hammer Mountian

So…you pretty much said not too much while althogh saying much just kinda stated the obvious.
also… >

?hp clap, mp clap, lp clap XX hammer mountain stuns akuma and remy (not that hard to link the 3 claps but hard to get the first hp clap in)
?hcb+k, hp clap XX megaton press (don’t use ex clap, it does less damamge and stun)
?ex Clap, ex clap works in the corner

*DA GAME has been practicing some himself & here they are:

(Close to the corner)HCB+K,F+Strong(x4)XX Megaton Press.If the opponent is dizzy taunt then Jab Clap XX Megaton Press.Kills Akuma & Remy instantly*

Wait how can QCB+LP–>SA II combo? Don’t u mean HCB+K–>QCB+P–>SA II? Or do u mean QCB+P–>SA III?
…and does this work on everyone or are the bros an exception?

HCB+K–>QCB+P XX Megaton Press was what DA GAME meant.Thank you for finding that error.Also here’s another combo you can try:

(In corner)Neck Hanging Tree–>(if timed correctly)Megaton Press

(In corner)HCB+K–>EX Clapper XX Shootdown Backbreaker

Try-ed those 2, but the first one is not recommended cuz it does shit damage even after P.A., but use them for some WOW.
BTW how do you do 3 Claps–>something? I saw that in a combo vid.