Hugo Corner Juggle



Can anyone teach me the corner juggle combo for hugo? the stun one! cause i’ve also seen Anothony (Supapuffy) do it…to me and i want to learn it!


YSB did this on an elena in a tournament game:
3 claps --> SA3, stun, neutral grab --> SA3

Now i dun think this would normal stun coz the elena was hit b4 the claps, but a nice 14 hit corner combo done in a real game nonetheless.


A regular corner juggle, or a stun juggle?

A non-dizzy combo is short Ultimate Throw, jab Clap, short Backbreaker. You have to time the clap just right, but it’s not too hard to get once you practice it.

As for stun juggles, I find that short Ultimate Throw into as many standing strongs as possible works.


The juggle throw into 4 standing strongs, f+fierce.


isnt it 4 strongs, cr. jab, then backbreaker?


i think there r tons of different way u can do this when ur opp is stunned in the corner


yeah there are really a lot of ways to juggle once u get ur opponent dizzy… it’s how u dizzy them that matters… in a match… you are more likely to dizzy them from a neutral throw than from a wall throw since it’s much harder to land the wall throw

basically i think u can get a 6 hit juggle in the air if they are stunned while in the air

if u stun on a wall throw in the corner… i think the highest damage juggle is 4x strong, foward+fierce, air grab/sa2

since the wall throw is hard to land… i rarely use it… so i prefer to use kara-neutral throw to dizzy them if possible then do jab, strong, jab, strong, jab, crouch jab->air grab/clap/lariat/sa2/sa3… since i kinda discovered this myself :stuck_out_tongue:

and the damage that it does while juggling doesn’t really mattter to me too much since they land stunned anyways… i just like how the jab,strong combination looks (although that does quite a bit of damage anyways)

and since the last hit is a special move… u actually get 6 hits + 1 special hit in the air…


thanks anthony! that was the one i was looking for!


A little off topic but here goes… I can’t seem to get wall throw -> clap -> air grab to work. I usually end up grabbing thin air, r there any tricks that i should be aware of? It’s doesn’t matter which version of clap u do rite?


Different characters require you to time the clap differently, but there are basically 2 differenet times to clap; early and late. Late is basically when the character drops to your mid point, such characters are the shotos and the twins.


yes, i am having the same problem!
ps. are there any TO player going to Orbit tommoorrow?


i might go in the afternoon if i have nothing to do

as for the wall throw, jab clap->short air grab

i believe it only works when u use jab clap and short air grab

and u have to do the air grab right when u recover from the clap (almost like a cancel)

and as mentioned… hitting late with the clap is necessary most of the time


correction (forums dead can’t edit post):

works with strong clap too but maybe not on everyone

i don’t think it works with fierce clap


Is Orbits the arcade in Pacific mall?

Anyways, can you whiff short kick and 360+P people as SOON as they get up?


Yeah, basically, that’s how I get scrubs into the 360… good player require better setups.

As for the corner combo (Wallthrow, Clap, backbreaker)
It’s all done with light kick and light punch. You have to cancel the clap into the backbreaker.

Hugo stunned corner combos kick so much ass, don’t they?
Makes people think twice about challenging a Hugo player…