Hugo Frame Data

from the app. Tell me if there are any mistakes or something doesnt make sense. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Jump LK have 5 frame startup and is 15 frames active :o

His moves seems to have a lot of active frames, which is good.
Leap Attack properties is a lot better than expected.

U1 range is sick.

But I think there is a typo regarding the inv freames on EX Back Breaker. The inv frames was increased in the final build from 1-4 to 1-5 but its not mentioned there.

The app frame data is kind of off for a lot of things. We’ll just have to test them to make sure. I could have swore UT is 8 not 7 frames and should be the same exact range as HP moonsault (although they list it only slightly different)

ex spd is 4 frames, test it~

I was thinking “Why is it 1-6f inv. when its combined start-up and active frames are 4 frames?”, then I realized it was probably 4f start-up instead of 2 just like you say.

What is Hugo’s health and stun like?

sometimes people throw my EX spd, is so annoying

1100 for both.

I know that feeling and I don´t like it either.

Before I forget, but is it possible to add things like stun, vitality and dash distances and whatever to the document of the OP?

Hugo’s stun animation is really weird. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m not able to hit him for what seems like 8 frames and I’m pretty sure he rises slower than everyone else in the cast.

He’s inv at the start of it that’s why.

Looking at the frame data spreadsheet, I KNOW I found one error (Claps section), but his Moonsault seems wrong as well. Does HP really have the lowest recovery of the bunch?

Recovery is tied in with range. Take the LP Moonsault, for example. After the opponent back dashes to evade the grab, they need more frames to reach Hugo and mount a punish. HP Moonsault on the other hand, has lesser range, and thus can only be gambled at shorter range. After the back dash, they should be able to reach and punish Hugo more easier compared with the LP version IF THEY HAD THE SAME RECOVERY.

I’ll have to check again, but I think st. HP only causes soft knockdown on aerial hit.

All the errors I’m aware of:
AA s.HP and AA s.HK are techable, not HKD.
MP and HP clap do not have JP.
LP, MP and HP clap causes float on AA CH(just not listed)
Both hits of EX Clap are JP4
EX SPD is 4 start-up.

I could’ve sworn that EX UT does 200 stun too, but I’m not sure. Maybe I’m just confusing it with MS.

Is LK BB really 5 frames? I’m trying to see if you can Kara-lk BB instead of using EX BB but it seems like it’s coming out a lot slower.

Found this one.

More up to date??

Hugo SRK Wiki entry has been updated to 1.05 with detailed notes as well let me know if you spot an errors.

Post errors you find here: Ultra Street Fighter 4 SRK wiki has had a major update
or send me a PM to make sure I see them.