Hugo Freeman's Fan Art Gallery

First pic, done it by pencil, after scanning the pic, I realized the quality was horrible.

2nd pic, on the other hand turned out much better because I drew by pen from the get go.

By the way, hi, people, I’m Hugo Freeman, peace!

Wow, it looks amazing. I can’t believe you did it by mind.

How? I’m not able to do that without making it look hideous.

Would’ve been a lot cooler if Chris didn’t look like some Dragonball character.

I’m only able to do this because I have enough experience to know which goes where on which spot. Each picture took the same amount of time to do. Of course, I thought the first pic look better before scan and 2nd pic look better after scan.

The first pic with the pencil sketches, I can make any or alot of mistakes and I would still be able to correct it with the help of an eraser.

While the 2nd pic, I can only make minimum mistakes. In fact, I made 3 mistakes: one of them is with Ryu’s belt but it’s been fixed with photoshop, so, you can’t tell.

2nd mistake, though, it’s still kinda there: Tip of Dante’s sword, in the shaded part, you would notice this slight curve inside. Originally, I drew the tip of the sword really round, more of circular shape. So, I redraw the tip overlaying the curved tip with a sharp tip and erased the part of the curved tip from the non-shaded part with photoshop.

3rd mistake, it’s in the clear view. If you’re not a nit picky artist or a colorist, you would not notice this mistake, though. It’s under the lines under Ryu’s bandana strands. The most top line under the bandana strands was suppose to connected to a close. I did not notice this until I start replying to this.

The problem drawing with a pen is that you have to draw really really really slow and be patient about it. And with pens, the ink usually draw thick lines. So, you need to buy artistic pens like micropen. There are different micropens that can draw thin lines and thick lines. I actually don’t remember which micropen I used, though, I should’ve used thicker lines on some part. But I’m lazy… So, yeah.

These are nice, especially the first picture. Chris and Morrigan stand out the most, which isn’t a bad thing for me since I like both. ;V

Your inking is good, but I would recommend making the outlines a bit more bold. Not too much, just enough to help distinguish the characters easier. It’ll make it seem not as bunched together, not to mention being easier on the eyes.

Other than that, it’s promising stuff. Hope to see more of your works later on. :slight_smile:

Bang Shishigami vs Dan Hibiki, woohoo!!!

nice work. :slight_smile:

Dont be afraid to use different line weights. It seems like what you did was draw the pictures, then just trace over them with a fine tipped pen or marker, using only one thin stroke for each line, which kind of makes them look a little flat.

Really nice, I’m thinking adding vibrant colouring, maybe stealing or ‘mapping’ it from images of the comics and then tweaking it slightly to your style, would make this awesomer

Good work, keep the good stuff coming.