Hugo general Thread

Freakin finally these are up.

Hugo general discussion.

I hate Hugo.

Hugo hater checking in. Come at me bros!

Ah home sweet home

Can’t wait to start wall bouncing fools after DPs.

I can’t wait to do clap combos as punishes! >=)
400+ damage with one bar midscreen? yes please.

What is Huhos health? I assume it will be the same as SFxT, which is 1150.

I want it to be 1150…

Size wise he should be closer to 1300

do we have any knowledge on if crouch mp is super cancelable? because if that normal has the hitbox it had in 3S, we may be in there

It’s most likely not.

c. MP isn’t cancellable into anything, even super. But it’s still a great normal, it hits REALLY hard for an MP normal and it has a good balance of smallish hurtbox:horizontal range on top of that. So it will see a lot of use despite not being cancellable.

Isn’t his st. MP like 120 damage too? That’s nuts.

Edit: Yep, certainly is 120 damage, and cr. MP is 110. Does anyone know how much damage his heavy normals do?

i got the impression that st. hp does less dmg than st. mp…

Here’s some more hugo gameplay to hold you guys over. Starts at 4:50

Hugo makes Zangief look tiny. It’s pretty silly that they can’t afford him that 50 health.

haha yes, not only tiny but also very fast. At the location event in my town, i played hugo for like 1,5 hours, after that i switched to my current main gief because someone there wanted to test something against him.
Gief felt
a) REALLY tiny
b) absurdely fast

seriously cant imagine what it would have been like if i switched directly from hugo to cammy, the sudden acceleration could have damaged my brain i guess O.O

god, that sak matchup looks so annoying.

Kinda shocked he has less health than the other grapplers, tbh.

Been watching a lot of videos of hugo lately, and people seem to land cr. HK a LOT. Looks like a really fast overhead.

He doesn’t have less health than other grapplers. Zangief and T Hawk share the highest health bracket in the game at 1100. We’re saying that Hugo should occupy the next step up at 1150 instead of being as tough as Zangief and T Hawk.

ah i see, thought they had 1150.