Hugo general.



But u have to get in to get the knockdown to have an opportunity for blocking a wake up move lol. I guess it is more patience to not get anxious when you finally get a knock down. I try the down kick hop mix up, the splash mix up, the clap mix up, or just block n see what they do. I guess I’m timing it wrong.
Im thinking about going to next level in brooklyn tomorrow to represent some Hugo lol idk


I only really go for hop kicks on wake-up vs Cody, Bison, Rolento, Vega, Abel, Grapplers, Sim. Basically if they don’t have a good reversal I’ll do it against them.
Being able to recognize when your opponent will do something or not is one of the hardest and most important things to hugo’s wake-up game. Online doesn’t help because you cannot mess up Mp clap whiffs or you’re going to eat it (happens to me all the time after SPD)
TBH I learned a lot on trying to get an idea of what my opponent will do when they wake-up from watching Jibbo’s stream like “this is my first knockdown so they’ll probably do something because they think I’m desperate for damage”


That Sagat was trash. Every online scrub Sagat plays exactly the same lol.

One thing I’m finding pretty annoying is reacting to a fireball with super only to have it stuffed completely by the fireball.


Do all buttons of super do the same thing?


I believe so yes. I still wish that super was inv until it hit. Or at least give it more inv or faster run. I get hit out of it a lot because they either did slow or I’m JUST out of range.

On a non complaining note, I’m getting better at mixing-up my opponent and getting more off my knockdownws. I’ve started to do MP clap Whiff, Buffer SPD, seeing if they reversal or backdash and then if they do nothing getting off my SPD. Really helps me when they decide to wake up block. Also really upping my punish game and making sure I get my damge off and getting my reset and whatnot.


Did my first standing 720 on stick in practice mode. I’m amped.


Good stuff. I used to be able to do them in the bonus stage on 3S lol.

I should give it a try on Ultra!


You should. I haven’t been playing stick that long, but shit is amazing. My moves are way more precise and way cleaner. Doing the 720 is the icing on the cake of why I should switch to stick. I haven’t had any problems with Meat Squasher and my AA Back Breakers are way faster.

Shit is like night and day. I’m going online with it to see what’s up. Hopefully I can find some decent matches on PSN.


Although this is probably old news in the world of SF4 I just realised backbreaker can be done by pressing diagonal down/forward twice + K.


Yeh thats the dpshortcut. IIRC you can also wiggle df db df db k/kk to aid in auto correcting.


I’ve stuck with Hugo a bit more and am still having fun with him (terrible matchups aside) and while I really like the character I’m still not sure about how well he goes with the aggressive way I like to play.


Where can i find his complete frame data ?? The one in Shoryu Wiki is incomplete.


Not sure if there is a complete, verified source of such information yet, but there are some apps on the Android/iOS stores. I’m using “USFIV All in One Guide” since it has a combo calculator too.


This isn’t true, despite being commonly believed a few years ago. DP requires 3 inputs - any forward, any down and any forward.

When doing dfx2 you’re probably hitting df, d, df without realising - which would result in a dp.


i can kara Ultra Throw no sweat, but whats the input for Kara EX Ultra throw?


It’s true. I checked the inputs in training mode. Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.


I can’t search the forums for some reason on my phone but feel free to look it up yourself. The dfx2 shortcut was disproved a long time ago.


Exactly the same as non ex, except you hit 2 kick buttons instead of 1.


I suppose I worded that wrong.
I find it very difficult to Kara lp clap with say, lk and mk. Even mk and hk feel weird. But I’ve just been using 3k didn’t think of that until 7 min ago


I’d never use 3k or 3p. You won’t get those buttons in an arcade and not every stick has the extra buttons. Just learn how to do it honestly.