Hugo general.



I just switched to stick. I’d love to know the hand position to do kara EX Ultra Throw. So far the only thing that’s been comfortable for me is to assign L2 to lp and plink it from right to left like any other plink


For Kara UT is easy cuz i plink LP, LK then LK, so basically i just plink tech. For kara EX SPD i plink LP, MP, HP And lastly for Kara EX UT i plink LP, MK, HK.

How i practiced how to do this is, i went into trainging mode and 1st pressed the buttons without doing the motion 1st, so i can get plinking the buttons down, especially Kara EX Ultra Throw took me longer cuz its wierd plinking those cuz i’ve never plinked like that. After u get that down then u can start plinking and doing the motion. Take it slow and try to press the LP button 1st, where u would do a clap before pressing the rest of the button or buttons. Gunna be honest, takes a while but gotta do 1 step at a time


Until I see ultra street fighter 4 in an arcade machine on the east coast, I’ll gladly use 3 p and 3k.


god…the fireballs just destroy this guy…i think im going to hit up training mode and practice hop kicking fireballs


I lost like 2k playing with this stick yesterday. I played one of my old mains on pad so I wouldn’t have to go to sleep with a massive L yesterday.

Good news is I pulled off a standing 720 during a match. Shit was awesome.


How’d you do it? I tried walking back and forward first but couldn’t get it out.


You don’t need to walk or anything like that. But there’s no way around spinning the stick fast. If there is a way I don’t know it.


On the topic of this, anyone notice fireballs they specifically couldn’t leap attack over? or where it was really difficult? i.e. guiles or Sagat’s high tiger shots or llight low tiger shots?


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You don’t need to walk or anything like that. But there’s no way around spinning the stick fast. If there is a way I don’t know it.


just a heads up, you dont need the upback, just back works as well.


When I do it I just turn my hand 90° counterclockwise which puts:
Middle finger on LP
Index finger on LK
Thumb on MK


Slower fireballs seriously fuck with it because it’s i-frames are super short. it is incredibly difficult to hopkick over anything besides the fast ones


Someone said you have to be frame perfect to hop over Rose’s slow fireball. Basically it’s not worth the hassle.


Man what’s going on? These threads been dead lately!


People giving up on Hugo?


I saw a guy quit in person. He was on a lose streak (7) playing against dictator, then the guy switched to Guile and he quit the character. Right in front of me. I think anybody who has seriously decided to “main” Hugo is waiting with bated breath for when the change list for the disc version comes out. Hopeful lol.

IMO he needs faster walk speed and leap attack needs its frame data buffed and/or it’s input changed to f+mk (like everyone elses command overhead).


I doubt the disc version will have a change list now.

Hugo still rules btw.


That input change would actually be a super neat one, since, on top of making it easier to throw out and time to bypass fireballs, a recurring problem I have is getting Leap Attack when I wanted just c.MK after OSing for EX Backbreaker with Meaty Clap pressure.


i pulled of an OS hp clap to ex Becku Breakah today in a match. it made me very happy. i got the timing for it off of a Moonsault Press, but other knock downs im not sure what to use in order to get the correct OS clap timing.

I can do it to ultra 2 in training no sweat mind you, but i was playing Dieminion , and he just blocked every clap lol.


Sometimes spd on wakeup is the right move. They have to believe that it’s a possibility.


Or whiff mp clap to SPD or U1. I LOVE doing that.