Hugo general.



You don’t have the game yet you are arguing about whether or no Hugo is good. >.<
I started playing this game again SOLELY for Hugo, I’ve never played a grappeler before, I don’t even like gief.

The problem is that you donn’t have the game and haven’t put the amount of hours in the character to make a proper statement.
And for some reason you think f-HP is a good button, but it’s not. It’s super slow, way to much recovery and whiffs on more than half the crouching cast. You’re better off using cr.MP, st.hp or even

But please continue. I dont know jack about this character. I’ve only got 4th and 16th place in the last two tournament with him. I mean you’re the expert, you have the game…kappa.


I don’t see how f.HP isn’t just outclassed by s.HP.
They have similar massive startup frames (f.HP 16, s.HP 17), but s.HP has armor during much of it, while f.HP doesn’t.
f.HP has 3 active frames, while s.HP has a whopping 8.
f.HP has 27 recovery frames, while s.HP has 17.
f.HP doesn’t hit many crouchers, while s.HP does, is overhead, and only whiffs on low profiles.

The only thing f.HP has is trading into BB or U2, but that hardly seems worth the risk of just getting stuffed completely and eating a full jump-in combo. If I really want a juggle from an antiair, I’ll just burn meter for antiair EX Lariat and do it that way.


This game is not reading inputs correctly (still). How does it manage to execute backbreaker when I wanted meat squasher?

This is my input using number notation: 6321486 + K.

How does the game manage to read backbreaker from that when it’s a 623 motion?

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So what was this talk of Hugo and Poison having a “parry” where if you tapped duck at the correct time they’d avoid attacks? I was away on a trip to visit my gf so I only heard of this when I got home. Is this still possible post patch 1.09?


That was a bug and should have been fixed by now.


Maybe it was something left over from SFxT’s universal launcher attacks that completely avoided lows when activated.


Hugo!!! I dont understand why players taunt when they are beating my hugo? especially a gouken and juri. the match up is just horrible it’s not like they are better


Does the meatsquasher st. strong follow up work on every character?

When doing the medium clap whiff into BB OS to catch back dashes which BB do you use?


I just noticed that EX clap doesn’t push you back when it’s blocked. Nice.

  1. Yes.

  2. EX always, LK is the second best option but doesn’t cover nearly as many backdashes or airborne moves and has no invul.


That’s one of the reasons I decided to switch to a stick. I haven’t been able to move my thumb fast enough. I’m close to going back to pad though and just saying fuck standing 720 and armor cancels and all of that shit and just practice kara UT and kara SPD

You should be doing HP clap for the EX BB OS. If the MP clap whiffs then you’ll just fly over their head and waste a bar.

If you do HP clap, if it hits you’ll get frame advantage. If it whiffs THEN EX bb will come out. It’ll only come out if your opponent dodges it.


What is the input for the clap or bb OS? My bb always comes out even if the clap hit.


If BB is coming out when they block HP clap then ur either inputing the BB too late or mashing on it too much lol. I’ve done that before in a match where i mash it, refuse to let them just block, cuz i wanted them to get caught by my OS BB that it comes out even tho they block lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I encountered something new (at least for me) with EX BB. It’s possible for it to trade against moves. When it happens, the opponent takes no damage.


that happened to me a few times. You are not the only one. I don’t know why they didn’t take any damage during a trade.


Regular BB does the same thing.


I think, but i’m not quite 100%: a lot of AA throws are actually hits (ergo why you can combo into them or rather juggle into them). With a lot of AA grabs there are two hits, one where the grab connect and the other where the damage happens. Kinda like how in marvel for certain wall/ground bounce attacks there’s the first hit that actually connects THEN the ground bounce so you can use an assist to hit right after the initial hit to preserve the ground/wall bounce. But when the first hit trades with another hitbox the second hit doesn’t come out and it trades for 0 damage, while the other opponent trades for whatever damage their hitbox was supposed to do.

I’ve seen it happen with Abel’s ex.skyfall and El Fuerte’s Guacamole, it’s relatively common, but probably more common with invincible anti-air grabs.


Yeah, I saw it happen during a match yesterday.

Because the damage doesn’t happen until you grab.

BB doesn’t have the properties of a normal throw, as shown here (thanks to UltraDecapre):


Has anyone tried using cr.HP as an anti-air? It seems like it could be useful.


Yes, I think the hitbox is golden for AA, but it’s the startup that kind of makes it useless i feel. 15f AA, all of his other AA options have less startup, more range, etc.

I think his cr.hp and are more to “crush” lows than to be used as AA. like if put in a decent enough block string, can blow up a crouch-tech and corner carry, but the risk vs reward is not worth it IMO. Something like clap (switch up between heavy and light) then It has more range and will hop over lows. I think it’s especially useful for long range pokes, e.g. You clap at range with positive frames, Rufus attempts to button check your feet by sweeping (which is safe on block), but you do to hop over his “safe” low and you connect with the hard knockdown and the clap pressure he’s forced to deal with because of his slow (and option-selectable) reversals.