Hugo general.


#621 is a very fast overhead at 13f. After they block a crossup splash, almost everybody does crouch tech or throw, or just blocks crouching. beats all of those options. If you can setup a crossup splash while they have about 100 health, a ( the ASS ) followup it’s almost guaranteed the first times, until they adapt.


Crossup > also beats jump back, many backdashes and trades favourably with many reversals, both on damage and hard knockdown.


I only use crouch HK as a random surprise close range overhead. I use it very sparingly as I don’t want to get in the habit of it.


I use cr.HP as anti-air if people are way to obvious with there jump-in and they have a two hitting move.
And I sometimes crouch tech with cr HP do get people who try to bait the spd.


Just started practicing armor cancels. Wow, they’re pretty useful! Should help for when you’re pressured in the corner.


If you’re afraid a Viper player is going to wake-up U1 you, Use dd,MK. Beats it clean because the first hit is a projectile apparently >.<


Does that mean Viper seismo chain shenanigans are meaningless for Hugo? just d,d+mk all day? :smiley:


That’s what I’ve been doing against Viper.
You can sometimes get hit because d,d+MK has a little bit recovery and it isn’t invincible on frame 1.

But overall Viper really has a difficult time against Hugo, Instant burnkicks get SPD because Hugo is so big. (Finally a match-up where his height is a plus)
U1 can punish thunder knuckle “pressure”, st.HP and ex BB deal with all her airnanigans and her footsies are extremely limited and are completely outclassed by hugo’s s.LK and cr.MP.

Speaking of d,d+MK. It can beat Honda’s headbutt from around midscreen which is really funny. :stuck_out_tongue:
d,d+MK for president!


seriously, what is wrong with this move??
It’s like a swiss knife, projectile inv., hops over lows, almost impossible to trade with this, leads to setups for ultra throw and can combo into knockdown on hit.

it’s like the ultimate neutral game weapon


Throw invincible too.


Which pad do you use?


I almost wanted to believe is godlike, but then i remembered it gets counterhit by every crouching attack ever. It sucks doing crossup splash into, only to get beaten by a bison mashing crouch tech, which is exactly what i was baiting out in the first place.


You only get beaten by a delayed crouch tech. If they’re mashing they’ll get hit.
But they should be mashing in the first place, they should be fearing command grabs not normal grabs.


It just seems stupid that a low attack beats a hop attack…


Against grapplers the neutral HK is a good tool. Looking at the game files with onoedit, it looks like it’s airborne on frame 7~8. Doing a neutral HK right after a crossup splash or a jumping HP will stuff reversal 360. Be wary that ultras 720 are imune to normals, meaning that neutral HK will whiff and let you get grabbed by a command grab (but your opponent will have wasted his meter, that’s a good thing).
Also good to walk up to them on wake-up and throw it to stuff their wake-up 360…


How are you guys using your meter?

When I first started with Hugo I wanted to keep meter for armour specials and EX Back Breaker but I’m starting to think that maybe using EX for Giant Palm in combos is what I should be doing. I’m just feeling that getting as much damage as I can should be priority as opportunities don’t come up very often and the armour specials aren’t as reliable as say Balrog’s dash punches. Adding EX Clap to combos does do significant damage.

I like Hugo’s super as well but I find myself wanting the EX a lot. Any opinions?


Hugo needs meter for everything.


I think it depends on the matchup. Like vs. Seth and Akuma. meter is sooo important, not worth squandering it on an ex.lariat EVER. Also in those matches specifically super can totally change how the match goes. So as usual it REALLY depends on who you’re playing as far as what you want to do with your meter. ex.clap does add significant damage and stun, BUT you only need one bar for that, not necessarily meter intensive. I think what’s almost more interesting is where to draw the line when giving up life for meter build by spamming lariat/mp.clap full screen against zoning characters. Like i think that matters the most, to build meter to put Hugo in a favorable position. Like against Ibuki, spam lk.lariat until you get one bar. You take away her ability to jump, she walks slowly and both regular dash and illusion dash get stuffed by That should be how you use meter IMO.


I usually use my meter for EX BB to AA/OS and EX UT to punish moves that are -4 or more on block. Only time i use EX clap are for UT>EX Clap>Ultra combos or kara EX Clap when my opponent is near the corner for pressure. Thats just how i use my meter, but i definitely agree with 3nigmat1c on using meter depending on the match-up.


I agree with 3nigantic on this one. However ex.clap in a combo should always be used unless you want to Super or if you only have 1 bar exactly. L.clap + lariat build so much meter that you almost get a bar back for finishing the combo.

I think I spend the most meter on ex clap. It’s +12 on block so I can either go for a delayed UT, semi-frametrap with l.clap, risk it and try to catch backdashes with H.clap or do nothing because there are still people that mash at -12.