Hugo general.



Sometimes after a backbreaker, Hugo throws the opponent further away than usual, and it messes up my meaty claps/oki. Does anyone know why this happens? It seems to happen randomly.


When you have your back to the wall (or is close to that situation).


And you need to do MP clap instead of LP clap when that happens, so that opponent will still get hit with a clap.

You can also MP Clap > LP Clap > then U2 if you want, but everybody already knows that I think :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Whats the best way to punish teleports and flip kicks with Hugo? I’m not talking complicated OS, but just when you know he’s gonna teleport/flipkick (Poison/Vega)


In general l.MS is the best option. You can OS poison with it when he flipkicks.


when she flipkicks
There u go. Fixed it for u :slight_smile:


Since when is Vega female?


and since when’s Poison


Poison is a transsexual. We don’t know if he’s pre or post-op so I’m going to keep calling Poison a he.
And l.MS OS doesn’t work on Vega that’s why I only said Poison.


with Vega you probably have to guess between or since if he does the double back flip you have to run further etc. Ex may work in both cases (i’ll test).
Edit: Looks like you can’t O/S the PPP flip at all (with anything). Might make sense to just O/S fwd.dash and then spd or to punish manually. I’m pretty sure this will lose to backdash and his flip kick.

Also this may not be new news, but any clap on AA CH causes free juggle. So you can do things like clap, or AA CH lp.clap, lp.clap, OR AA CH hp.clap, hp.clap, lp.clap xx super

Could be practical for those characters who light to hold up and instant overhead (e.g. Adon). Maybe. Just an FYI. i’m sure there are some cases where opponents do attacks that make them airborne and if they get hit meaty for a CH you can do strange combos.


[s]How do you guys practice Armor Cancel in training mode? I mean, what would be the best way to set the dummy?

Also, I’m assuming EX Lariat will be used?[/s]

Nevermind, I found it on another thread.


You are not the only with input problem with Hugo. Let Capcom know about it so they can fix it for the next patch.


Alex Valle said on stream that you can neutral empty jump Poison’s fireballs and land block them. Is this true?

I haven’t been able to do it on PS3…but, he said he did it on Xbox. Can anyone with an Xbox verify this?


No, it’s false. You can jump on almost any fireball but not poison’s fireball.


Doh. Well, I knew that forward and backwards empty didn’t work.

But, he specifically said NEUTRAL empty jump.

I had hoped that he was right and that neutral empty jump miraculously had different properties than forward/back empty jump (on Xbox).

But, I didn’t have an Xbox to test.

Moment of hope, crushed.


Doesn’t seem to serve much purpose because youre not advancing or attacking anyway.


Anyone know the balance changes (if any) Hugo will receive in 1.04?


Hugo (1.04 update)

[]Dizzy motion hurtbox appears at the same time as the normal rising motion.
]Stand LP recovery reduced from 11F to 7F; advantage on hit increased from +2F to +6F, advantage on block increased from -2F to +2F.
[]Stand MP bug where counter-hit damage was taken after attack start-up fixed.
]Crouch HK pushbox moved backward.
[]H Moonsault Press damage increased from 220 to 250; stun increased from 150 to 200.
]L, M and H Moonsault Press counter-hit damage before throw start-up removed.
[]L, M, H and EX Giant Palm Bomber hurtbox from wrist to tip now projectile invincible until the end of active frames; Hugo’s hurtbox during the move changed; pushback on hit slightly increased; when nullifying projectiles, the attack still occurs.
]EX Shootdown Backbreaker damage reduced from 180 to 160; horizontal travel distance during descent reduced.
[]L, M, H and EX Shootdown Backbreaker input reception time made the same as other moves, less likely to occur accidentally.
]L, M, H and EX Ultra Throw counter-hit damage before throw start-up removed.
[]L, M, H and EX Meat Squasher counter-hit damage before throw start-up removed.
]Hammer Mountain (SC) now fully invincible until the end of active frames of the first hit.

Sound like when I go for Ultra 2, I should no longer get a regular Backbreaker by accident now.


Overall changes are a nerf. Whiffed EX Back Breaker wasn’t difficult to punish by any means, you just had to anticipate it. Now Hugo’s awful defence is that much more awful, not to mention the damage reduction.


This is exactly what you wanted and now it’s a nerf?
Stop trolling.

St. lp buff is weird, I really hope capcom thought that one through and not just changed numbers because otherwise st.lp ->l.clap is a infinite.
Also st.lp whiffs on a ton of crouching characters which makes this move pretty useles anyway.
All counter-hit removals are nice.
H.spd buff is really good. Especially stun. Hugo gets the most of his spd compared to other grappelers so giving him the same damage and stun as Gief for example is really good.
Clap is buffed and Super is fixed/buffed making full screen fireballs a stupid thing to do.

The only nerf really is the damage on EX BB.

Still free against Gouken, Juri and Sagat and he still has no decent option against 2 hitting jump-ins.


Uhh, nerfed EX BB range is exactly what I wanted?