Hugo general.



I like the buffs to Hugo. I’m glad they fixed the accidental backbreaker inputs, that was really annoying. The clap vs. projectiles should be much more useful now, maybe it’ll help against characters like Gouken?

The st. LP buffs seem crazy, but I’m not complaining. There aren’t many Hugos anyway, and this update probably won’t change things.


I think the +4 frame advantage the jab is given evens out with the 4 frames they took from the recovery on the move… So essentially it is the same amount of “frames” for the opponent to get back to neutral I guess? Pretty sick (And stupid) if they overlook that it does indeed give him an infinite lol! If not anything at least he has a hit confirm into low jab or short right? That should make up for those 3 bad match ups right? Right?


Reduced recovery on st.lp, makes it so it won’t ever combo into lp.clap I could do the math, but it’s unnecessary. lp.clap startup is like 15f, 7R + 1A + 6H equals 14f, st.lp xx lp.clap is only a combo on CH unless you hit it meaty on the 2nd active frame (which almost never works). If recovery were maintained at 11f it’d be an infinite since it’d have 11R + 1A + 6H which is greater than the 15f startup of lp.clap.

edit: I obviously did the math…

That aside, reduction in range is not that bad. It makes you make a logical decision between using U2 and, almost 100% of the time when you had to choose an AA between and U2, it was always a damage thing, now it’s a conscious decision since punished almost anything in the air given you timed it correct, where as U2 jumps horizontally too fast to catch certain jump-ins horizontally close to Hugo. So its a nerf from that perspective, but all-in-all it could be worse.

I’m pretty happy about the super buff, and the buffs are pretty nice. Moving back Hugo’s clipping box on may make it useful (and not whiff on crouchers), it makes me believe that his clipping box was pushing opponents out instead of the hitbox whiffing altogether; fingers crossed.

Mods to CH on recovery for normals are nice, means that he won’t die trying to half-play footsies from neutral, also means that st.lp can be similar to giefs May also mean hit-confirms into lp.lariat, e.g. st.lp, cr.lp xx lariat versus xx lariat and hoping for the best. Also nice frame trap on hit, OK on block (4f gap versus 1f gap on hit/block). He has more frames to play with. with a 4f gap, most characters are forced to DP and not press buttons, characters like Vega whose fastest normals are 4f come to mind, or even worse, characters like Gouken have to eat st.lp xx lp.palm or Yolo with an invincible DP. These are good changes.

I’m curious to see how well changes to clap affect fireballs, like lp.clap, mp.clap, knee etc, may be more plausible if it’s more likely to not get hit by a fireball, just having tools to make them have to switch up their game outside of mid-range makes a difference. With buffs to super, it may fix the problem where Hugo can’t build meter safely against opps who can chuck plasma all day. Hugo with fully invincible super may mean that he can shut down fireball games to everyone except Guile, Poison, Juri and Gouken.

Input bug fixes will make a difference for me getting when i meant it and U2 when i mean it (we’ll see).

Stay positive lmao.


I’m liking these changes for the most part. Especially when you look at what most of the other (non-Ultra) characters got… which is practically nothing.


The occasional EX BB escape was the only thing keeping Hugo defensively alive.


I’m sorry but if the only thing keeping you alive was a move that was highly punishable by players that actually know how to play against Hugo than you should really stop playing people that are free.

And you wanted damage nerfs on pretty much every normal for a clap +EX lariat buff but losing 20 damage on ex BB and compensating morons that don’t take the time to learn how to punish is too much?


Yeah because everyone can os a meaty into half screen punishes. It’s so easy to do you wonder why Blanka ever gets away with rainbow roll or Fuerte his EX Guac or Bison his EX crusher or any teleport in the game etc. etc. etc.


Talking about the patch changes to Hugo


Increasing push back on claps is a huge nerf.

Lariat doesn’t reach a lot of times, when you counter hit limbs with standing lp/lk

Lol, don’t even act like escape EX BB wasn’t useful.


It was incredibly useful. When playing people that don’t know how to punish it’s useful. Otherwise, no. A lot of people I played regularly punished me almost every single time. You don’t even have to OS like you have to do against other “escape options” so tournament-wise it doesn’t matter.


It’s not about whether it was “punishable” or not. It was about getting out of the corner.

That’s useful against “knowledgeable” players, too. I don’t give a crap about getting punished, especially not long distance punishes which usually aren’t that painful. I’m Hugo. He’s supposed to use his life bar. I do give a crap about being stuck in the corner against rush down characters like Dudley, who have 3 frame normals and frame advantage for days. That’s when Hugo dies. Eating an EX Machine Gun Blow is a small price to pay for getting out of deadly situation.

And, there are many characters who can’t really punish it very well, especially if they committed to a meaty attack on wakeup. Zangief match-up just got worse for Hugo.

Also, even for character’s who could punish it before, the punishes are now going to be way more damaging because he lands right next to them. They could just throw him back into the corner. They couldn’t do that before.


lol… Hawk nerf, Gief nerfed in a horrible and crippling way, Hugo… meh… weird nerfs with some weird buffs.
Fuc* it, I’m gonna play Ryu now.


I’m telling you, Hugo is garbage now. Bottom 2 along with Dan. EX BB was the only thing keeping him defensively alive. This is a crippling nerf. I am not exaggerating.


You can armor cancel H.BB from EX MS if you really want to get out of the corner.

@Mowr, Just stop playing Hugo. It’s that easy.


He’s a little better in those projectile fights…a LITTLE. Poison is no longer stupid. Gouken didn’t change much.

Stand jab would have been cooler if if hit mid more consistently.

HP SPD is nice. SPD > dash > SPD = half life GONE.

Clap pushback nerf is sad. EX back breaker nerf is really sad. Makes approaching him on wake up WAY less scary because the potential punishes for a bad read are universally massive now.

I don’t know. Doesn’t seem like they really wanted him to be improved overall…which is strange to me.


WHY the clap pushback? I just played a few games and I really felt it. Especially on block, it’s ridiculous. Ex Backbreaker nerf was incredibly unnecessary. What da fuck Capcom.
I have NEVER been so mad and frustrated about a goddamn videogame in my life.

I love grapplers, man! Let me play my grapplers, you sick freaks!

I know some of my posts might be utter BS now, but this is madness. ALL three characters I really, really liked in this game have been nerfed. Maybe I’m overreacting in my overreaction with T.Hawk, but man. The salt and anger is real.


Can someone explain to me why the F,DF,D,DB,B,UB input shortcut for Meat Squasher works in Omega mode, and is STILL busted for real Hugo?


Can I get a little love here?
Hugo trial number 23… the red focus causes a crumple and I can’t get the light clap into cr short into lariet… any advice?


Just dash and clap as fast as possible. I guess mashing forward to dash could help.


Lol at the misuse of the term “nerf.”

T Hawk - Being a big character, he was never intended to Controll Spire across the stage. It’s still faster than it used to be, but now it’s not as brainless. In compensation for removing brainless play, he got a Tomahawk Buster that you can now both juggle into (EX Spire) and RFC, leading to bigger combos he didn’t previously have.

Zangief - Being a big character, he was never intended to LOLGreen Hand teleport across the stage. It’s still faster than it used to be, but now it’s not as brainless. In compensation for removing brainless play, he got a bug fix buff in the form of 4-bar red focus combos.

Hugo - Being a big character, he was never intended to ROFLANTI-AIR THROW IS ACTUALLY A JETPACK across the stage (that and, y’know, Capcom is nerfing ALL get out of jail free cards, including things that weren’t even really that like Makoto U2). In compensation for removing brainless play, he got several buffs, much more so than T Hawk or Zangief (both of whom have proven they are, in a general sense, better).

Not every character will have good wake-up options, or escape options, or options at all. Grapplers in particular aren’t supposed to be gliding across the screen, even if it does cost a bar and is punishable in most circumstances. Hugo’s whole game is scoring counter-hits and predicting opponent’s movement to shut them down. He has some truly nightmarish match-ups, but that’s always been the life of a grappler and shouldn’t be regarded as something “that needs to be fixed”, nor as a “flaw” of Hugo.