Hugo general.



That’s what I was saying.


EX spd/EX BB are still a viable to make people stop harassing you. Hugo can finish rounds with one knockdown and giving Hugo a gambling 50/50 chance for that knockdown is stupid. If you’re playing a set and people are still going crazy on you, then either your own defence stinks or your offence isn’t threating enough.

That said the only grappeler that has a escape move that’s worth a damn is T.hawk and it costs him 2 bar.


Yeah okay dude, obviously Hugo has no issues at all there. By the way how’s the Seth matchup going for you.


Fine really, It’s the easiest out of the hardest match-ups.

Really want to see your Hugo in action because everytime I’m checking here all I see is you complain about anything and everything.


How do I deal with jab pressure? I feels like when someone like Ryu’s in my face I can’t do anything except hold downback and eat throws.


Having seen Valle struggle badly in a long set against a Boxer utilizing jabs well I have no answer. Ex.spd really is not enough.


I think jab pressure needs to be put in context. I know that i’m guilty of falling apart in being “afraid” of jab pressure in that i can’t get out of it. But lets be honest, there are only a couple of characters that can really take advantage of jab pressure against Hugo. Juri, Adon, Viper etc. The only real threat of jab pressure is when the characters have overheads they can really apply against Hugo and not just a punishable instant overhead, but an overhead that leads into something.

I think what most people mean when they say that jab pressure against Hugo is a problem is not that the jab pressure is a “problem”, but more that Hugo doesn’t have any “real” tools against throws. Hugo has more health, he can block jab pressure all day, but jab pressure, then tick throw. That’s where Hugo fails the hardest at. Every character in the game can 50/50 him on wakeup between throw and meaty with no overlapping guesses. That coupled with instant overheads are what makes jab pressure a BIG problem. Because Hugo doesn’t have any tools against normal throws (except maybe unthrowables) and no viable crouch-tech.


Every character in the game has 2 frames on wake up where they are invincible to throws though. So Hugo’s reversal SPD on wake up will beat meaty regular throw. EX whatever will beat meaties. Instant overheads get punished with U2 or BB as long as the overhead isn’t cancelled or links into a combo or something. So it’s as much of a guess for the opponent too.

His crouch tech is really slow though. And he does seem like there’s a weird range where everybody’s buttons beat his.

But I don’t think pressuring Hugo is the problem. Most of the time the player’s defense is. Especially if they’re losing to tick throws


in other news… the look of anger on my face when i realized that standing mk is actually his furthest reaching normal


In theory that’s all true yet I see top huge players getting locked down all the time. Did you see the match between KO and the beast? While losing to a player of that caliber is understandable it just looked like Hugo was stuck in block animation 90 percent of the set. Sure he was able to do a metric shit ton of damage at times but more times then not every time her let go of block he just got hit. Up until the GF he kinda steamrolled people but once he faced a player who understood hugo’s faults and how to apply pressure it wasn’t pretty.


It’s as if the character with the 2nd slowest move speed in the game, the biggest hitbox in the game with no reliable reversals might actually have serious defensive issues.

“Why don’t you just SPD lol.”

Because I play good players.


I haven’t. Point me in the right direction and I’ll check it out. Beast as in Daigo or Poongko?

His defense was good enough to get him into the Grand Finals though. That couldn’t of been the only match where KO was getting pressured. Without seeing the match, I’ll go out on a limb and say “the beast” noticed defensive tendencies and exploited the player, and not Hugo’s faults. If I feel I’m wrong after watching I’ll own it.

Nobody said, “just SPD” though. I know I didn’t. No one said Hugo is without flaws either.

What I said was, “MOST OF THE TIME, the player’s defense is.” Maybe the video grumpy64 is talking about is the exception, but I doubt it.


Hey guys, I´m learning Hugo and have some trouble adapting my options to delayed wake. Any advice or setups I should know about so I don´t get screwed that often?


Ok well I don’t have a link handy but it was the GF of the HK esports tourney.Also iwas mistaken as it was RB and not KO


Yeah I watch that vid a while ago. I didn’t know you were talking about that one. My point still stands.

RB didn’t get overwhelmed by pressure. He didn’t lose to tick throws. Daigo’s instant overhead got BB’d.

This was Hugo before the patch and RB got outfootsied. But RB was still able to make winning decisions against Daigo’s ground game (s.LK buffered into MS to whiff punish Evil Ryu’s, clap at mid range to full clap combo, focus through fireballs, etc).

Going off of this vid alone, pressure isn’t Hugo’s weakness, getting zoned out is. But that’s the case with any grappler. I will say it’s easier to zone him out than any other grappler.


Everytime I feel like I have a bad matchup down, I run into someone that plays it just that little bit differently that reminds me why the matchup is so awful in the first place.


So because you can’t adept to people playing a little bit different, all of Hugo’s tools are terrible?
Now I really know you’re just full of it.


Pressure IS a huge weakness. Dude. Especially with no meter.


His crouch tech is so bad, that lately I have been using c.hp to crouch tech.

Is it a bad idea? Absolutely. But I can’t believe how many people get caught by it. Whether they are going for a neutral jump or a delayed throw it seems to win out.

Again, it’s obviously a bad idea. But man… if it isn’t demoralizing to hit someone with The Dolphin.


Umm, no. That actually IS a Hugo problem.

Hugo is a character who is WAY too read dependent. His normals, movement and hurt box are SO large, that he had to bet everything on knowing the opponent’s tendencies. And, so when you face someone who plays very differently than your expectations, Hugo will suffer a lot more at first than most other characters who are more fundamentally sound. He has to react to things so much faster than other characters due to size and slow attacks. That is not the player’s fault. That’s his design’s fault.

He has no 3 frame jab, no FADCable DP, or any other reliable “panic button” that other characters have when they find themselves in sudden, unfamiliar situations.

Don’t put all that weight on the shoulders of us “stupid” Hugo players. Some of you guys talk like everyone here except you just sucks at fighting games. Believe me, we’ve all been trying very hard with this guy for a year. It’s not like you have the answer, and the rest of us half-wits just “don’t understand Hugo”. We understand…high risk, high reward, high HP, reads, OSes, yada, yada, yada.

We haven’t seen many Hugos do well in tourneys. Why is that? Because he is not a consistent character. His playstyle is not amenable to unpredictability.