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Did you watch the Poongko match? Was that complete dismantling Infexious’ shortcomings with Hugo or was it because Hugo is complete ass?

The Hugo forums on SRK aren’t privy to some secret information that somehow makes Hugo good. Hugo is garbage. Compete garbage. Everyone knows it. Stop pretending like you’re some Hugo sage and that nobody else is smart enough to know how good Hugo really is! If you are, why aren’t you out there wrecking shop in tournaments? Maybe your Hugo is the one to body Poongko’s Seth 3-0!

Until then, stop fronting. Hugo is ass and everybody knows it.



I never said or implied that I was a sage. I’m learning everyday.

I never said or implied that no one else is smart enough to play Hugo. Shit WhYYZ is better than me along with a couple others in the Hugo FB group. And speaking of the FB group, we just might be privy to secret info that makes Hugo good since everyone there is learning and playing instead of talking about how bad Hugo is all the time.

You’re projecting.

All I’m doing is trying to point out the difference between player problems and Hugo problems. And to me it seems like people don’t know the difference. I haven’t had anyone convince me otherwise.

Lack of mobility and huge hurt box? Hugo problem.
Losing when someone pressures you? Player problem.

I’ll argue that EX or regular SPD, EX Lariat, EX Meatsquasher, U1 are all viable get off of me moves depending on the situation or the read. Are they as good or as universal as a SRK? No. But they’re still viable. I don’t think he needed to fly across the screen to be viable.

I will say that due to Hugo’s large fucking hurt box, that you’re more susceptible to other shit on pressure, which could make it more difficult initially since other characters don’t have to deal with the same shit that Hugo does.

But generally speaking, your defense has to be on point with anybody you play.


My last post was directed at the few users who like to hover over everyone else as if they’re some awesome players and everyone else thinks Hugo sucks because they suck. That’s including you.

Hugo sucks because Hugo sucks.


Mafamaticks, just stop feeding that troll.
If he wants the SRK forums to die due to his negativity instead of learning about the character he so called mains then so be it.
That’s pretty much the reason why I stopped sharing tech around here because of the toxic nature of mowr.

I’ll throw you one bone Mowr, enjoy it. Hugo doesn’t suck. Soloing Hugo is crazy because of 3 matchups but Hugo might be one of the best secondary characters to have. Even Tokido and Infiltration both have a pocket Hugo. Why not any other grappeler?
You know why you think people are hovering above you and thinking they are better than you? That’s because it’s true. Instead of whining try going in the Lab, instead of non stop complaining about Hugo try playing against anouther Hugo with a character you struggle to fight with. Instead of acting like a a piece of anonymous dung on this site try going to tournaments and get some experience on the damn character.

Or just stop playing Hugo like I’ve told you time and time again. Not everyone is cut out made to play a certain character. I tried playing Yun as a secondary because he fairs well against Hugo’s 7-3 match-ups but I just couldn’t play him at all. I’ve watch a ton of vids, learning his frame traps safe jumps and neutral game and obviously playing a ton of matches but I can’t seem to get him to work as much as I want to. Now, I’ve started learning Yang as secondary and it’s smooth sailing. The character just clicks more with me than Yun. Try playing Gief, T.hawk, Hakan or maybe not even a grappler at all. Hugo just isn’t for you. It’s time to give it up.

Also, if you happen to be a European, if you’re going to a tournament please let us know.


Post some tourney vids of yourself or quit spouting bullshit. Let’s see this mythical tech you’re so proud of. It’s not ME saying Hugo is garbage. IT’S EVERYONE. You’re not saying you’re better than me. You’re saying you’re better than EVERYONE ELSE. YOU’RE the one trying to say Hugo is great. YOU’RE the one that needs to prove it.

Yeah fucking right.

Yes, I’m European. I’ve only attended a couple of tournaments because my job doesn’t allow the time for it. If you want to see my Hugo, message me for my Steam or PSN ID’s. Maybe then you can get personal in the actual game and take your bullshit off the forum.


So while Hugo was busy being ass at SRK, Alucard eliminated Momochi, the footsie God, at CEO.

I’m looking for the video


There’s an onscreen recording of the match featured in an article on the SRK frontpage. I reckon everyone and their mom has seen it by now, but I guess I’ll post it in the video thread anyway as a means of collecting every noteworthy Hugo video in one central location.

By the way, where can I find a link to the FB group for Hugo, and can I access it without having an account? I deleted mine because I never used it anyway and I didn’t like the way FB did things, but it kinda sucks there’s so much shit I straight up cannot view simply because I don’t have an account now. I’m not lab technician, so I probably won’t be able to contribute a damn thing, but it’d be nice to have access to all the hugo tech I can get my hands on.

Oh wait, FB group seems to be for the top brass only or something. Oh well.


Kuroda can make any character in 3S look godlike. That doesn’t make every character in 3S godlike.

I don’t know, I feel like that’s a legitimate reason for someone to argue that a character sucks. Especially in a counter-pick heavy game like this. You guys are busy celebrating those recent Hugo tourney wins from RB, Alucard, and Infexious…but, no one’s gonna talk about Infiltration making Alucard switch characters at CEO?

No, it’s not imaginary…that black cloud hovering over Hugo’s head is very real. You can spit on mowr all you want, but losing on the character select screen is absolutely not ideal.


Did you read what you quoted? Probably not. whatever.

In any case, I’m done. Y’all can stop quoting me now.


Alex Valle beat Bonchan 2-0. Convincingly.


Hugo wiki page is updated to 1.05 frame data, it’s more up to date AND more detailed than even the USF4 Bible. Hit boxes will be added sometime later in the future. Let me know if you spot an errors.

Post errors you find here: Ultra Street Fighter 4 SRK wiki has had a major update
or send me a PM to make sure I see them.



There’s something that seems weird to me though:

I don’t remember that this move ever had a run?


In the arcade release only it had a running motion and also longer startup, it was removed in console version. Now it combos from lights which it didn’t in arcade. That is why it is under the section “New to Console Release”


Yeah I meant even in the arcades, guess I just forgot.


Alucard Hugo just got wrecked by Filipinoman Rose 0-2. Convincingly.


That is exactly what is wrong with SF4. It is so matchup based that the game lacks personality. When the game first came out it lacked the matchup portion of the game, or rather no-one really noticed or took advantage of the matchups. There were no matchups that were so bad that they could not be overcome. I remember the worst matchup in the game was “supposedly” Balrog vs Gief and we all know now that the matchup is even now. But dropping in Hugo and having 9-1 matchups like Rose and Poison, has, pardon my pun, poisoned the game.
So release SFV and we will watch as the FGC dies slowly, just like it did when 3S was released. SFV will not have the matchup problems that SF4 did, but it will have issues with getting new players to play the game. Gone are the days of seeing a Shine player come out of nowhere, or Smug coming out of the community. You will only see those players that are very good at the game and you will see them over and over. The skill gap will simply be too much for beginning players to overcome. We all know that this generation of players do not have the patience to get good at a game, if they cant win right away, they will just buy the new game that comes out on Tuesday and if they cant win at that they will buy the next one.
SFV having no links, no shortcuts, no option selects and no jab into any stronger button combos. We are just going to see a bunch of parries and one hit slug fest. Gone are the days of seeing “gameplay” and strategy.

SFV will kill the FGC.


Sfv has links, shortcuts, option selects, and although most were removed, some can still jab into strong.