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starting a new thread for hugo, talk about anything…

I got a Q… anyone see that sbo tourny with henry’s hugo?? he was pretty good but I think he should stick with gigas cuz top players stay there distance and he held 2 stocks of sa3 and never really used em…

how do u peeps out there fight chun’s?? justin pretty much cleaned chun’s shoes on hugo from landing all those sa2’s on henry…

Chun is tough but I don’t think that’s his hardest match up IMO. I usually just do some random claps, crouching shorts, standing/crouching jabs and hope I can somehow get close enough. Nothing special really.

Btw is there anywhere that I can find someone you your Hugo vids eddieW?

Btw you guys know if there are any sbo3 Hugo vids out there?

chun: I pray to god that I parry something, and don’t eat d.MK.

theres a few japan sbo qualifier match vids with hugo at under the new match section. they aren’t that good tho.

ummm I don’t know were any vids are but I remember a couple of tx showdowns ago I got 3rd with hugo and hsien and choi on top 2… there might be some vids on that tourny floating around… my hugo is boring to watch I play hugo very patiently lol… me vs mopreme in losers finals and he had chun it was the most boring match Ive ever played in my life!!! I do remember mopreme posted some casual play of me and him fighting but that was like over a year ago

yea chun is not hugo’s hardest match… his best move vs her are,, and claps, and 360 well that are the only moves hugo can use on her cuz her b.fp stops all others lol… well strat vs chun is to out turtle her… hugos is very effective against chun. I just take the lead on life and just sit there and block until chun decides to rush herself its effective for me

I dont play that many chuns while I have Hugo but since that SAII is a bitch I like to keep them back with crouching pokes and I like to creep up on them slowly waiting to for them to fuck up and leave themselves open. also works for me since it also scares opponents into keeping their distance.

As of lately I’ve been thinking of switching over to SAII just for some experimentation since I’ve been able to get some good damage off of parrys into UT -> SAII .I know I can do that with gigas too but I like to mess around sometimes during casual play what do you ppl think.

the reason why I stop using sa2 is because its not a solid AA u can get hit out of it… It works in some AA situations but not ALL if it was like gief’s AA grab were it even goes through airfireballs then I would use it…

Hugo is great, nothing beats ultra-throw, clap, shootdown breaker(corner only). I agree if you’re going to use Hugo, use Gigas, it gives you the intimidation factor once you have it, people actually get scared to go near you if you are consistent with it. SAII is great too, sure it doesn’t beat air fireballs or Ibuki’s knives, but it grabs Ken’s air ex-hurrican kick, that move is a pain in the ass for Hugo players.

Couple of things against Chun, if you’re outside of her, you can look for the far fierce, which she will throw it out eventually, then you can either do to knockdown or short go-to-wall-grab, which gets you in the corner for you to do your thing. Don’t do s.strong once Chun gets meter though, if she blocks it, she can super you back and you can’t block it, if she blocks low, it has to be a reversal but she can do it, is safe though.

Oh yeah Eddie turtles!!! :tup:

daaaang!!! whats up buddy!!! hows your new job life etc… miss the hugo vs your alex fights…

i don’t have problems with kens air ex, just jump back and mp him out of the air or just block the other way…

that corner combo was my discovery :encore:

so what I turtle!!! I can rush with hugo too u know hehe… a way to get some easy damage on ken is to bait a parry… ken will, parry and do nothing cuz most kens will cancel to super thinking they got you… hehe :badboy: gigas time

on chun first round should always be yours… taunt the first round while she doesn’t have a super at least 2 taunts… will make a difference when she lands a super…

I know SAII is his lamest but ya kinda get bored of the other two after playing them for so long, and since where on the subject of SA’s I was messing around the other day on console with gigas and found out there are few ways that you could make it look like you pulled off a tachi gigas when you really were just still in block stun though it doesnt look like it. I remember seeing a vid where a Ryu missed his ShinSRK and as soon as he landed Hugo got him in a gigas, I tried this out on parry training and was able to do it myself, the timing on this is pretty strict but I figured that the last hit leaves Hugo in block stun for a while so I was able to pull a 360 with out ever jumping in fact I actually pulled a 720 without jumping I done the extra 360 for good measure and as soon as Ryu landed I pulled one more 360 and hit p and gigas came out, this also works with Akumas SAII and possibly with Kens SAI, I guess mainly the SRK looking supers.

And to eddieW I did started taunting in matches and it actually did help out somewhat mainly because my friends a turtler and gives me plenty of time to taunt. Also quick question, Hugos short taunt is the one that raises his defense right, does that defense bonus stay in for the entire round and how many times does it stack up I think I counted 4.

yea 4 short taunts… in real matches i average 1 or 2 but it really helps when u get supered… his long taunt raises the damage on the next grab he does… try long taunt then gigas… its sick… full life on akuma hahahaha!!!

with sa2 to make it effective… in a fight u have to attack for your AA’s… sa2 is for when you got your opponent trained for when he jumps they go for a parry instead of an attack… then the sa2 will grab cuz u can’t attack after the super comes out u have to attack at the sametime the super comes out… it grabs yuns dive kicks though hehe

what do you do against ryu that stays out of reach or max range and does c.rh & -> ex fb/super/etc all day?

Couldn’t you punish with standing MPs and crouching MKs? What does he do when you jump?

Yeah try punishing with and try to predict when he’s going to throw out the move then parry, you could also try a lk meat squasher though its risky.

i just walk forward towards ryu and block his attacks until i corner him… hugo’s is good vs… walk back and forth to make him whiff a sweep then him… block the then red parry the exfireball, gigas after the first parry and hugo will grab him through the second hit hehe!!! and are not that great against that dude since if he’s just out of range of my poke he can counter with -> anything (hugo’s has such long recovery)…

and parrying low attacks if not that great to do all the time since if i get the parry i can punish with a sweep… if i miss the parry i might get hit with at least a sweep or worse… -> super

but i think i could try to just block and walk up to him like eddie suggests… and btw do you have to be tachi fast to do 720 after 1st parry of ex fb?

FUUUCK YEA!!! gotta do the gigas fast as a mofo!!! if u can do a standing gigas then u can grab em before the 2nd hit of the redfireball hits u… a good way to practice is too gigas after parrying chuns rh lighting kick

Doesnt Hugos MSP also go through fireballs if done fast enough.

yea if u can’t gigas just pick sa3 and go through ex fireball after u red parry the first hit