Hugo Gossip

You can also do ultra-throw, clap, shootdown breaker even in the middle,well it depends on the character and the button used, i usually use fk for the ultra throw then lp for the palm then lk for the backbreaker…or a mk sa2 instead of a lk backbreaker

it can also pass thru akuma’s air hadou if u knew the correct timing and if akuma’s firing towards hugo that would be possible execute sa2, just like sa3 passing fireballs…

Okay, tonight I was playing 3S and some guy at the arcade (I think he’s full of shit btw) claims Hugo to have a infinite combo, something involving it starting off with hcb+k (where he throws you to bounce you off of the wall) and then his air grab (I believe it’s DP+k) and you can repeat the air grab over and over until you die.

However, when I tried it at home, my opponent will hit the ground just about half a second before Hugo himself hits the ground…I just feel like knowing so I can call this guy on his bullshit.

Hugo does not have an infinite in 3s.

Even if that worked, it would stop working after 6 shootdowns since thats the limit in a single juggle combo.

I dunno, Necro gets 7 hit juggles sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending on your stick (and fast twitch muscles in your arm), landing a tachi 720 on chun isn’t all that difficult. Considering that 60% of her time spent on screen is used throwing out high priority (and reaching) pokes, parry to 720 or straight up tachi is quite tangible. Doesn’t matter how pro the oposition is, tachi is scary.

Anyways I totally agree with the,, and claps for chun. As with most match ups of high vs low tier (refrain from hugo denial, he is low tier), you pretty much just have to outplay them.

since this is gossip hugo loves alex secretly he told me…

and i think hugo is the most fun of the shit tiers to play, q is too.

The other player can never tell when Hugo’s eyes are open or closed. While they are wondering about this, you walk up and use his standing fierce, the Elbow. Hugo’s shaking has also been known to confuse opponents.

Hugo > Windows 98 >>>>>>>>>>> Windows ME > Chun Li

<---------- paparazzi caught them in the act!

That’s in Second Impact, and it’s not easy to pull off.

wow galfordo posts here?! lol
I hate to say this but does anyone have any good Hugo vids?

umm, i cant get the sdbb to connect in the ultra throw, clap, sdbb combo. any assistance?

You have to be relatively close but not too close and you have to time it just right, dont throw out the clap too early.

(In the corner) Ultra Throw, wait a sec or two after char bounces off wall and either do lp clap or mp clap (mp version a bit harder) than do lk SDBB.

well I don’t know if that works but I know that if you jump in with a medium kick hugo will jump in with a knee. When the opponent blocks then do an ultra throw and then shoot backbreaker. That works on human opponents but not on the computer.

For some reason after the computer blocks your flying knee they do a vertical jump which avoids the ultra throw. But I don’t think human opponents will think of that. I think they will continue to block leaving them open.

jHP, Hammer Mountain does more damage than HP Clap, LP Clap, Hammer Mountain. And it’s easier to do.

Ya isn’t that ridiculous? When I pick SA3 I try not to F clap anyway… just not worth it and sometimes the 2 claps combo push them too far to connect SA3…

do jump fp,, sa3… crazy damage for a short bar…

my favorite setup for gigas is… on a waking up opponent… kara thow whiff into gigas… kara the mp so he makes that noise make opponent think ur attacking so they dont jump on wake up lol…too good!!!

FP Clap then LP clap then SA3 has higher chances to connect than doing 3claps then SA3