Hugo Help



Hey Guys,

I’ve been messing around with Hugo for a little bit at around 2000bp now. But I’m struggling with shoto characters hardcore. Besides using Standing Heavy punch and Focus attack to absorb fireballs it feels really hard to close the gap. Other than good reads and patience is there anything I’m missing that might help me have a better shot at these match ups? I know Hugo is not the best character in the game but he’s fun and I really enjoy playing him and would like some tips on these matchups. Thanks!


Without watching any of your matches I’m assuming you’re carefully trying to close the gap by outsmarting your opponent on the ground. I used to do that exclusively.

If that’s the case, sometimes you have to say “Fuck that shit” and go ham. If you play too smart, they’ll have a full stick of butter by the time you get close, leaving you to deal with too many options on their wakeup. If you play too dumb, you’ll get P’d on without even getting a whiff of SPD distance.

Hugo will make up the damage he took getting in off of one mixup. So don’t hoard your life bar. Don’t be afraid to get hit since he has the highest amount of health in the game and he does a shit ton of damage.

Cut off the screen as early as you can. Focus dash, empty jump, Clap, neutral jump HP, whatever to let your opponent know that he’s not getting past you.

I noticed that if I’m moving around with hugo a lot (neutral jumps, leap attacks, claps at neutral, etc) than I can sneak a jump in and make them block. So don’t be afraid to jump. Just don’t do it predictably.


Thanks for the tips I just find myself get trapped in the fireball bait a jump in then dp situation a lot. That’s why I as you said try to play it smart on the ground. Any tips for meat squasher? I love that crouching light kick to meat squasher that I saw N1NOMAE Do but I always seem to do back breaker instead. Any shortcut for that move?


If you’re doing cr. lk xx meat squasher from a down back position, you have to do a full 360 and end in up back for it to work.

I normally do mine by doing this:

f, df+lk, d, db, b, ub, u+lk

So I press lk in the middle of doing the 360


I hate it when I try to dash into EX MS and get EX BB. Surely the 360 out-prioritizes the DP!? And yes, I know about the MS input, but I swear I’m pressing B, D, F, U and I still get EX BB.