Hugo hitboxes incoming





-dd+mk I remember when people tried to downplay this move. With 10 active frames, overhead projectile invincible, safe on block, comboable on hit and now NO HURT BOX. Too good

-We can see how good Hugo’s jump attacks really are. j.lp seems the best to jump over fireballs with. seems un-anti airable. Same goes for a well spaced (Which makes sense since Sim can’t anti air it at all it seems)


He has plenty of hurtbox. The hollow green squares (instead of solid green) just means projectile invu.


Thanks for this!


Sure hope they will fix st/cr.lp and st/ Seeing the fingers go through without hitting is really getting annoying.


That hitbox on his cr.hp, jesus. Like it’s still a bad move, but those are some GODLIKE hitboxes. Anything that’s not invincible that collides with his headbutt is gonna trade or get beat out altogether, period.


The hurtboxes of j.HK are interesting. You should be able to kick characters who are throwing fireballs on their hands with it, or beat moves like Dhalsim’s EX up flame.

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If it means Projectile invincible then Hugo should always get hit because the back doesn’t become hollow green.


Crapcom haven’t learned have they? They made some hitboxes like Dudley’s ones reach his hand but Hugo’s s.MP hand has nothing.


His back? You mean torso, crotch and head? Those go over the fireball.



Those look great! Thanks for capturing and uploading the images UltraDecapre


Looks like cr. hk can be used on reaction to “hop” over juris low fireball on reaction, anyone tried this?
Trade would be even better for Hugo, reset is faster than the recovery of the move, would possibly lead into even more frame advantage than on regular hit… (?)

Cant try it out right now, though.
Maybe someone already does this/ tried this and can elaborate?


Tried it, doesn’t work. At least not on reaction. You can hop over it though.


Damnit :frowning: but thanks for trying anyway


Let me understand the hitboxes. Red boxes collide with green and its a hit, but green to green is no hit?
Also, hollow green is projectile invincibility?
Throw boxes?
Ok, blue boxes collide with green and its a throw?


This should answer your questions:


View Hugo normal hitboxes frame by frame.


View Hugo special hitboxes frame by frame.