Hugo Match-ups



I was hoping you guys out there could help me with match-ups against Hugo. Since I dont get much opportunity to play many high level players I need to familiarise myself with the do’s and dont’s against certain characters.

For my first character match-up I would like to know about high level Chun li SA2. Is poking not a good idea? (esp. when she has a full bar) AA with dp+LK enough to grab the high priority cow out of the air? Which is the best SA against her? Things like that.

Hope you guys can help me here. Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:


erm…the only advice I can give you against Chun-Li is pick another character.

Hugo vs. Chun-Li is a horrible, horrible, horrible matchup. It’s kind of like Alex vs. Chun-Li in that you have to knock her down to win…except that Hugo is a lot slower than Alex so it’s even worse.

I normally like playing bad matchups, but Hugo vs. Chun is almost hopeless :frowning: