Hugo match vid...

Holy crap, i dream of being this good with hugo. Obviously this chun li player didnt see what happened to justin at evo?

What a mother fucking comeback. I didn’t expect the gigas breaker after he parry’d the first set of chun’s SAII. I’m not that good at parrying, but I might experiment after blocking. Could be done?

Not possible to block the 1st set of kicks and then gigas, block recovery is too long.

and you are too far

I know you can gigas Ryu and Ken’s Low hard kick on block. But you guys are right; Chun Li’s SAII simply pushes you too far away to gigas.

Would dash forward and then gigas work?

No it won’t work. Have to parry the last hit of the super.

Anyone have that video where YSB (I think) red parries KO’s Yun’s two hit air move into Gigas? I loved that one but I don’t remember where I saw it.

in fact he didn’t red parry into gigas…
he red parried into 360+p 2 times in the fight .
its ko&kokujin vs kuroda&hayao at sbo3 …
he red parries dudley’s ex machine gun blow into gigas …

If thats the case, Id LOVE to see this vid too.

It’s no different than any other parry > parry gigas, aside from it’s 8 hits, on the 8th, immediately spin the stick and hit punch.

I’ve done it a few times in training, but I’ve yet to succeed in a real match.