Hugo Mirror

Sadly enough, this is my worst matchup.

I find that zoning from across the screen with jump fierce and jump roundhouse is the best way to approach the matchup. jump fierce to poke (nothing hugo can do).

Any advice?

what super would you recommend, hammer frenzy or gigas? I usually play hammer frenzy, it makes meaty claps more of a threat.

I find it hard to apply tricks, cause I assume my opponent already knows how to counter them all.

I go with Gigas in this matchup, seeing as this opponent would be more in your face then any other.Also i find i win more when i let my opponent do the first move, just ease up on the aggressiveness, and play a counter game

And you feel they know you…back to basics :tup: or play one hell of a mix up game

I’d use SAIII simply because you have to get close enough to get threatened by his throw to get your gigas off.

There’s more but I’m tired… may edit tomorrow

Technically I’d go for gigas. Hugo has plenty of shit that can just be owned by Gigas. Hammer Frenzy has its usual uses, Megaton can be used for this matchup as well. Megaton can be an awesome zoning tool but you wont have that wake up super.

i use gigas or hammer, it all depends on how the other guy plays, but i personally like hammer a little better, cause if you stunt that son of a bitch, u can do 3 claps into super (have to hold that shit for a little bit). in the other hand, gigas its pretty good, the way i use it most of the times its on their wake up, i do standing gigas, thats because a lot of hugo players like to wake up 360, wich is good but is not good, unless u know your gonna connect.

also another thing that seems to work pretty fucking good for me is fierce (forward) thats a pretty safe move if u want to keep your opponent away from u. makes a shit load of stunt damage and regular damage as well.

Best sentence ever. Ray you are my hero. By the way remember that time at my place Amir FUCKED you up in Hugo mirror match. That shit was hot. :lovin::lovin::lovin:

stunt that bitch