Hugo - moonsault press

not one of my usual sketches, this one’s done with the paintbrush tool in Photoshop. It’s still in black & white though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice thick lines… I like.

wowo that s like a cofie table book type art rook, looks less like a press and more like ken just connected 3 kick supers on hugo and hes stugglin to move… hehew good shit

Heh, been a while since I’ve seen a work by ya. Very different, might I add. But still very unique, and I see traces of your style. Looks good in my book! Keep drawing, my friend. :smiley:

thanks guys for the replies :slight_smile:

… I should’ve added a twitching hand sticking out from under him :slight_smile:

It is really nice. Nice line work. Great work.

i think it looks like a moonsault… it shows in his face :). and the way u did the shadow under his chin… i almost thought it was splatter… under there. it’d be nice to see a series of these close up black and whites :).

I must admit man I wouldn’t expect you to do something like this style.:smiley: Feels very different. I think the face turned nicely. And yeh an arm under him would be cool heh.

So is this mouse or tablet?

The attachment says hugo mouse so i am assuming it is a mouse drawing. Very diff from your sketchy style. Now all you need is color! Nice ps sketch though Rook. Checkmate.


thx everyone for the comments :slight_smile:

yup, it was done with a mouse… spending on a good tablet isn’t high on my list of priorities (I tried the WACOM Graphire and came to the conclusion I needed more sensitivity & range for my drawing style - ie; Intuos).

Drawing with a mouse is… interesting. Totally different and I don’t have the level of control I’m used to. There’s so much I have to learn.

cheers! :slight_smile: