Hugo oki



With the 2013 patch right around the corner, I figured I’d post some of my setups after knockdown to give players an incentive to keep playing Hugo. As everyone knows, Hugo has trouble getting in, but if his partner can get him in, he usually ends the combo with a knockdown, giving Hugo a huge advantage.
Many times have I ended a game after getting one knockdown even when the other character was at 100% health, but never have I seen any other Hugo take advantage of this. All of these will most likely work after the 2013 patch, except for the crLK > crMK setup. If you read your opponent correctly, you can end the match after just one knockdown.

After Backbreaker
Normal wakup**:**
Dash > f. jump > Body Splash > Ultra Throw - *beats 3 frame normals *
Double dash > Leap Attack - hits meaty
Dash > double Leap Attack - beats 3 frame normals, counterhit on crouching normals
Delayed dash > f. jump > Body Splash > Moonsault Press - depends on the delay, should beat all normals if timed correctly
Tiny delay > double dash > f. jump > Body Splash - crossup, either avoids or stuff all dps and catches backdashes, some reversals will autocorrect and hit you if you don’t delay it
Tiny delay > dash > f. jump > Body Splash > Backbreaker or Lariat - backbreaker catches jumps and backdashes, lariat will also catch backdashes and teleports. Use heavy lariat for long backdashers and teleporters (you may have to charge a bit). You could also use raw super for awesome points.

Dash > b. jump > Moonsault Press - opponent rolls in front of Hugo, beats 3 frame normals. Also catches people if they try to roll > dash away since you land in front of them.
Slight delay > b. jump > Moonsault Press - same as the one above, but you opponent will roll behind you.

After Moonsault Press
Normal wakeup:
F. jump > Moonsault Press - loses to 4 frame normals, can use EX instead
Palm Breaker > Moonsault Press - *beats 3 frame normals *
Dash > Leap Attack - beats 3 frame normals, counterhit on crouching normals
Dash > f. jump > Body Splash - crossup, either avoids or stuffs all dps and catches backdashes

Neutral jump > Moonsault Press - opponent rolls behind Hugo, loses to 5 frame normals, can use EX instead
B. jump > Moonsault Press - opponent rolls in front of Hugo, loses to 8 frame normals, can use EX instead

After Meat Squasher:
Normal wakeup:
Dash > f. jump > Leap Attack - Hugo lands behind opponent, loses to 5 frame standing normals, counterhit on crouching normals, you could also skip the leap attack and go for hitconfirms instead as the crossup is pretty ambiguous
Dash > Backdash > Dash > Ultra Throw - beats 3 frame normals


After crLK > crMK chain:
Normal wakeup:
F. jump > Moonsault Press - beats 3 frame normals
Dash > f. jump > Body Splash - if it crosses up, it avoids or stuffs most dps (depends on sweep distance) and catches backdashes

B. jump > Moonsault Press - beats 3 frame normals, may depend on rage

If you skip the last move, you’re safe against wakup reversals. Alternatively, you could charge lariats against one hit reversals, which will also hit backdashes if you react quick enough.

The SFxT ver. 2013 guide and tech compendium

good stuff man, I was on the fence about dropping Hugo but I’ve been using a few of your setups and they’re legit. Just gotta play Hugo a bit differently


I thought about dropping him too, but I can’t really notice the armor nerf on his lariat, so he seems mostly the same for me. Free counterhits for overhead mixups all day. He deals less damage, though, but he still got his resets, so he could kill most of the cast in a single reset.


I used to use the armor on lariat to get out of non-rolento jab pressure. Seems like the only way out of it now would be to spend the bar for ex moonsault press.


You can also mash backdash. Or just wait for him to jab you out of range, but then you’ll have the problem of getting in again. Alpha counter also gets you a free knockdown. Speaking of which, I should try finding some setups after his alpha counter.


I find Hugo’s back dash to be one of the worst in the game, so bad that while it makes the first poke whiff, the 2nd poke will hit him if they’re close enough.

I sort of prefer 2013’s hugo for some weird reason, after seeing Renic’s little 2013 hugo vid it made me think about the new mindgame with him, since everyone expects the flying splash after a backbreaker to forward dash, and people are rolling MUCH less now, I’m doing a lot of empty jump (faking a crossup splash so they block high) to down lk to down mp to ex-clap, hit confirming to continue to a full combo of down mp to lk lariet to HP clap (since HP clap does the most damage now) to backbreaker. a little over 400 damage and safe if they block the beginning (which they haven’t started doing haha).

Without meter you could just do down lk,mp,hp, hitconfirm launcher but that’s quite unsafe, however its also a low then high blockstring so hard to block. I wonder if I can skip the down mp and go straight from down lk to stand HP for an even faster low to high string, hmmmmmmmm


Personally I’ve never done abc with Hugo before, he’s got so much more damaging and safer options. Something I like doing when I need to tag out is crLK > crHK > launcher after a body splash. CrHK is one of the fastest overheads in the game with 13 frames startup, but only at point blank range. It’s -50 on block, though, but if you cancel it into launcher, it’s a bit safer (lol). The only downside is that it juggles, so your partner can’t follow up and the range of crHK is pretty bad, so you can’t hitconfirm into it. I find the best hitconfirm into launcher is crMP > clap > LK > launcher.

You can also do body splash > meat squasher. Meat Squasher has so much startup that this will always connect wether you opponent blocks the body splash or not, the only time it won’t connect is after a non-crossup body splash. Or you could do body splash > crLK xx Meat Squasher. Meat Squasher will always connect if you cancel it from crLK unless they block high (which makes them walk out of range). At point blank range, the MS will always connect if the crLK is blocked, but you need to be a bit further away if they don’t block it. It’s hard to react to and it’s almost guranteed when you have them in the corner since they can’t walk out of range.


what i do alot after knock down…cLK sHP launcher. u’ll catch A LOT of people with it. high risk if they block, 95% they won’t unless they happen to be blocking high. if they are blocking low it’s almost a guarantee. once you nail them with that the next time i’ll just try a moonsault press after next knockdown with hugo.


cLK into sHP doesn’t combo, so i have been punished in between the two attacks before. it is possible to hit the cLK and for them to block sHP. that happens very rarely. if i hit lariat cLP light clap backbreaker. then do the cLK into sHP launcher and bring in zangief it takes over 90% of the persons health. i’ve beaten several people with only two combos. usually using the super instead of the backbreaker then the launcher combo. that typically kills most of the cast. the cLK sHP launcher combo does 141 damage plus whatever your opponent does after launcher.


crLK > crHK comboes, so it has much higher chance of connecting. CrHK is a 13 frame overhead, the 2nd fastest in the game, which is pretty much unreactable, so they have to anticipate it. The only downside is that it juggles, so if you do a launcher, your partner can’t follow up. CrHK is also -50 on block, so you always have to cancel it into launcher to make it safer (lol).


ill mess around with that a little bit tonight. i like being able to launch the opponent tho and i’ve only ever had one or two people actual block both attacks, but that was after hitting them with it twice already lol. im gonna practice those set ups you posted also. thanks for those.

what could you do after the cHK? anything, or just something to get a hit on and to keep them guessing?


I think Body Splash > crLK > crLK > crHK > Launcher is an actual unblockable xD CrHK has a ton of recovery frames, so you can’t do anything except cancel it into launcher and since crHK juggles, your partner can’t do anything after that either. I only use crLK > crHK > launcher if I really want to get Hugo out and don’t see any other alternative.


ok i see what youre saying. i sent you a request on xbl. hit me up if you wanted to fight sometime or train


Now that rolls can be grabbed by universal and command throws. Do you think we should add some oki technology involving command throws. I have only had time to try gief’s spd to green hand knock down oki, and none of hugo’s. You can fierce spd a roll, after a spd to green hand over.

The most damaging roll punish would use Hugo as a starter, and zangief has the easiest roll punish super. Ultra throw in to Pandora, super, or a tag cancel. Not very viable though it has no range, has anyone experimented with spd? I wonder if you can dash, do a UOH for timing then spd a roll.


Kinda late reply, I know xP I feel that the grabbable rolls didn’t really help Hugo at all since his command grabs have no range. If you give your opponent space to catch his roll, you miss your opportunity to do your oki and you do not want to play Hugo when your opponent is on his feet.