Hugo Pic!!!

Heres a rendition of Hugo I did. :smiley:

My host may be a little slow right now so be patient :slight_smile:

Lemme know what you think…

EDIT again…You might have to refreash a few times to see it:bluu: …(Used my crappy hosting because I didn’t feel like uploading it to my main site:o )

gotta add a “?” to the end of the URL to view it…

brought a smile to my face… it’s good :slight_smile:

his face is like so not there… lol. i think its really great though… wish i could do stuff like that in illustrator…

thumbs up :smiley:

RETRO, that shit is tight! You should make some female ones too like ibiki or mai! Hella nice style you got!

dang, you are good. nice sleek style.
it all looks cg or was it roughed out in pencil?

Suddenly i’m thinking of samurai jack vs hugo

Yo, Retro!!! I already post comment at Tagmonkey

:lol: :lol: I still know that you have great humor talent. :lol: :lol:

he said the magic word… DO IT!!!

We’ll see.

Thanks for the posative feedback people:D

Very bitching Retro. Reminds me of Slash from that old heavy metal band whose name escapes me right now. Hey, are you still free for that request I asked for a while back (or I asked if you were open for any)?


Guns and roses??

Oh btw, thanks kunoichi for correcting my “ibiki” to IBUKI! :slight_smile:

ive never seen him sexier! XD

kane ?? is that you ???

looks like something from the power puff girls(but it still looks tight as shit):smiley:

Slick rick man. What did you use illustrator? I like the simplicity and color scheme too.

yea i love the smoothness of illustrator… i gotta get it for this cpu.

:slight_smile: I think it’s good also, just because I suck at coloring. I didn’t know Ibuki had a twin?

Master C, I don’t remember a request from you though:confused:
Wether I do it or not really depends on what it is:p

Anyway, I’m glad people seem to like it. I’d do some more Vectored characters but. I’m trying to get my new site up right now. I’m just having some trouble finding the right coding:o


You shouldn’t dis 3s characters like that. Yes thats a dis. I dont like artist being lazy and trying to get props with this south park shit. Its like people that splash paint all over a canvas and sell it it for millions. I hate it.