Hugo Q&A

ok, I pretty much consider myself as a Hugo expert. I’m not the best player in the universe or anything, but I know a lot about how to play Hugo effectively, and I can hold my own against “good” players. So ask your questions, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

please, no standing gigas questions. Not only can I not do it, it’s been posted on this board multiple times. Feel free to ask any questions about combos, setups, matchups, etc.

I’ve seen ppl purpously miss a c.forward on a downed opponent (making them want to block or at least wait a second) to cancel it into a Gigas right when they get up.

Does Hugo have any knockdown moves that puts the opponent at the desired distance to set this up?

Also, what do you follow up with after a jumping d+fierce (body press)?

if you want to use a cr. forward, a 360 puts you in a good spot for that. Instead of the cr. forward, you can alternatively use a short clothesline. Since it moves you forward, you can use it after pretty much any knockdown (credit to supapuffy for that setup).

there are a bunch of follow ups to the body press. If you’re crossing up with it, there are plenty of things to mix up with. You just do a cr. forward for the quick knockdown. You can wait a sec and do a 360/720. You can do a cr. short, then jab clap, then there are a bunch of follow ups to the clap, such as a short meat squasher (360+k), cr. forward, or st. strong.

Just experiment with different moves, you’ll come up with a few setups. Hugo is a mixup master :slight_smile:

D.HP, C.LK–>EX Clothesline does a nice chunk of damage. Gives Hugo a much needed jump-in combo…

I personally would rather save the meter for Gigas, but that’s just me. I very rarely use EX moves with Hugo cause they’re not that good. EX clothesline is good sometimes for surprise, and EX clap is decent for chip, but that’s about it.

this would only work when your opponent is standing?

Poison might know.

Nass, what are some good times to pull out 720?
the only 720 i do is either wake-up or jump-ins :confused:
plz give me more advice before T4! join my team NASs

Hugo’s Corner Combo

I have seen hugo doing a short ultra throw in the corner and then doing 4 strong 1 crouch jab and a megatone grab. is it only possible when the opponent is dizzy?? or it’s possible with out dizzy and i have to get the timing rite? need help thank you

you can only do that combo if your opponent is stunned

I noticed if you taunt with Hugo, he gets a damage bonus and a defense bonus.
I know the damage bonus lasts only until the next hit, but what about the defense?
I know Q’s lasts forever.

Attack bonus only lasts for the next attack. Defense bonus lasts until end of round. That goes for taunts in general.

Unfortunately, Hugo’s taunts aren’t that good cause you can’t really set them up, unlike Q. Hugo doesn’t really have any moves that give him enough time to taunt safely, except for ultra throw. And in that case, sacrificing free damage for a small defense increase isn’t worth it.

I havent played 3s in over a year so I kind of wanting to catch up on stuff.
You know of any sites with semi decent vids of hugo action?
Or where read up on charge partitioning and Standing Gigas?
The thread here seems to flimsy and theoretical.

I do not play Hugo, but I have a Hugo question. When Hugo is stunned, he is seemingly in a crouching position. Does this mean he takes the extra damage that is associated with being hit while crouching? I know for a fact that it is impossible to land Alex’s B+Fierce grab on crouching characters, and on a stunned Hugo it completely whiffs. Thanks in advance.

More Hugo vids please.:slight_smile:

hey guys, haven’t posted here for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll post some verrrrryy old vids that i made/recorded from my matches… unfortunately most of my wins with hugo comes from non tournament play… so i don’t have much vids to post of hugo winning matches… plus most of tosf have seen/played my hugo enough to know how to escape most of my setups and pretty much know how to fight me so those tourny win’s in t.o. will be pretty rare :frowning:

anyways here’s the old vids:

corner dizzy juggle (most of u have prob seen this b4)

360’s after pokes (prob seen b4 as well)

match from team tourney in t.o. last yr (prob seen b4 as well)

Thanks dude! I need any Hugo vids I can get!:slight_smile:

I have a question about the taunts. I’ve noticed that you can make them last longer if you hold down fierce + roundhouse. Does that change any of the taunt’s benefits? By how much does the taunt increase offense and defense?

By the way, Hugo’s neutral grab (the multi-hit one) is very good for setting up the taunt. When the grab is over, Hugo throw his opponent to the opposite side of the screen, giving you ample time to taunt.

the normal taunt increases damage on your next attack excluding throws. The long taunt gives you a defense bonus and increased damage on your next attack including throws.

Not really a tactical question:
How do you make Poison come out? I’ve never actually seen it, but I heard poison can show up during a match when you tuant.

Also. I’ve seen the SBO 3S best bout selection, and it was very impressive. Fierce clap, f+fp does more than half stun :eek: too bad he fucked it up after leaving that ryu with 1 life point.