Hugo Q&A

I think you just have to press start…I can never get it to work though :stuck_out_tongue:

arcade version of 3s: hold start button then press fierce+roundhouse to taunt and call out poison

dc version of 3s: hold up on control/joystick then press fierce+roundhouse to do the same

wall throw in corner, fierce clap->f + fierce is harrrrrrrd to connect

try with makoto or chun li as they are a bit easier to hit… shoto’s timing is even harder :cool:

At the arcade I think you hold start and taunt. On DC you hold up and taunt. I think that version of the taunt actually gives you some life back :slight_smile:

It would be great if it did but unfortunately it doesn’t:(

Thanks guys, I’ve been wondering about that ever since I started playing ol’ Hugo.

Oh, I found out some great post SPD stuff:
do a fierce clap after the SPD, and time it so it just misses,
then cancel into the jab.SPD, or SA1, you might look far away but you’re JUST inside the range. How jjust? well no other SPD version will work other than jab =]
Mix it up with actually connecting the fierce clap.

Weakness: against charged instant supers, stay AWAY!

What i do to get a gigas breaker is the hk air grab which makes me fly over the opponent, then right before i land, do the 720 degrees of goodness, works pretty often for me.

erm…that only works when your opponent isn’t paying attention =\

lol the George tactic! that shit doesn’t really work, but it’s hilarious to watch some1 fall for it. lol…

Onion, this is actually not a bad tactic.
Only because It works againts Denjin Ryu.
You just have to parry the fireball they cancel off with
quickly do HK backbreaker then you’ll land behind him
just in time to do 360/720 when They release.
Sad to say that this is as useful as it gets.

Note: This works only if you’re at least more than a
sweep distance away.


erm…you should probably look up a story faq on or something. This is a strategy forum after all.